Student Comments

Here is what some of our students are saying in their feedback to us:


My background is in music and theology.

I was preparing for a new job at the funeral home and needed some training in grief counseling. I was looking at online programs and OCC stood out to me because of its format (self-pace and online) and its price.

My tutor was very friendly, kind, helpful and always encouraging. She not only helped me with the course work, but was also willing to give some practical counselling advice which I already used to help grieving people. My tutor would get back to me the same day. I’ve never had to wait.

OCC is a great program. There is enough time to finish all the modules, no pressure or stress added. Assignments are doable and beneficial. There is no unnecessary/empty work. There are plenty of recommended resources/books that are not required but which would deepen the understanding of the subject, so one can decide how deep he/she wants to go.

A.D. Canada


I am an accredited counsellor

I decided to go with OCC because the course specification was very clear and there were good reviews.

The course helped me to re-examine my own past traumas and has helped me to work more confidently with client’s trauma.

I liked the speediness of the responses and the feedback on my work. The tutor was able to create a genuine rapport over our email exchanges.

The course was contained and well supported by the tutors. The friendliness of the tutor surpassed my expectations.

I thought the course was good value for the money.



An Accredited Counsellor

I was looking for a course that would increase my knowledge and develop skill in working with young clients. The course attracted me because I could fit the modules around my working week.

The material included in the course developed my understanding of trauma and especially in the context of working with children and young people. The skills and activities related to my ongoing case load and deepened my understanding.

My tutor was thorough in his feedback and very encouraging.

OCC gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge at my own time and pace. The material provided was helpful and also signposted to further reading and resources to take the learning to another depth. The feedback came back without delay and was insightful and beneficial.



I am a Primary School Counselor.

Attending classes with job wasn’t possible for me so I googled online courses to enrol in and your course syllabus matched with my needs hence applied for the course.

This course helped me to do in-depth learning through well designed assignments which is helping me professionally. The self-reflection in each module gives room to reflect on one’s own childhood and helps in functioning with more awareness.

I liked many things about my tutor to name few I liked that my tutor was always encouraging. Always available to clear my doubts, feedbacks used to make me look forward to do the assignments and he used to send the corrections immediately.

If you are looking for an online course I would recommend OCC as they provide well combined course materials and suggest further learning resources. The course is useful as its not only theoretical but practical as well. You will get a tutor who will support you in throughout your learning journey.

My agenda was to learn more about child psychology and counseling children. And now I feel more confident in planning for the child and in sessions.

S.S. India


My supervisor suggested me to take a course with OCC. I work in a school as a psychologist and therefore thought it would be a good idea to take this course on young children and adolescents. I like how there are a variety of topics or areas that you can choose.

This course has been very helpful in terms of providing me with some useful information on a range of presentations common in young children and adolescents. It gives me some interesting exercises or activities that I can try out with my students – as well as different cases when completing the assignments.

I enjoy receiving feedback whenever I sent through an assignment to the tutor. It gives me reassurance when the tutor agrees on the things that I put down in the assignment and I feel supported as I can actually get some constructive comments from someone that is very experienced.

OCC is an online educational college that provides you with the relevant, useful information if you want to learn more about a certain topic, or a group of clients. It is interactive and informative.

Some of the assignments are tricky and made me think hard for the response – they are challenging but I enjoyed it.

C.C. Australia


I went with OCC because you offered a beautiful selection of choices.

Personally it helped me lots as I myself went through grief when losing my son. It helped me understand my own grief, my feelings, my reactions and my hopes. I chose this course as I want to help others get over their grief and feel happy again in life. Now I know I can do it.

I felt like my tutor was always there to help even through the distance. I loved having him as Tutor because he is full of kindness, generosity and humanity. Whatever I shared with him, came back to me like a bunch of fresh flowers. Thanks!!

Ah, it’s done already! I told my friends how much I enjoyed my courses, how much my Tutor was efficient and courteous. I gave them your site address as few were interested with your course selection.

The assignment feedback is rapid and I really enjoyed it as it relieved me from stress-waiting.

C.L. Mauritius


I choose OCC because of the specialization it offered, as well as the price and flexibility. I was particularly interested in Addictions Counseling and their course offered a solid overview of the field with tutor interaction and an open timetable. The price was also quite competitive.

I learned a lot of new information from the course that I am sure will assist me as I move further into the field of addictions counseling. The base materials were solid and the assignments helped me consolidate the material at the end of each section.

My tutor was very responsive, insightful and also full of enthusiasm and encouragement. He provided me with solid feedback as well as confidence building.

OCC offered me a compact course in my particular are of interest. The material was thorough but not overwhelming and the tutor interaction was efficient and professional.

The tutor’s responsiveness was beyond my expectations. He was so quick to return all of my assignments and reacted to questions in a timely, thorough and professional way.

I plan to open a private counseling practice with an initial focus on addictions counseling.

W.B. Estonia


What stood out to me with OCC was the fact that I could take the course online and there were good reviews and affordable fees.

Personally, it helped me to find more healing. Professionally it gave me depth, structure, and confidence.

From my tutor there was heartfelt compassion, clear feedback and quick reviewing of the assignments. The tutor was of great value to keep me motivated and seriously work at the assignments.

The course offered an in depth study on the subject and the assignments helped me to think about the elements I studied and how to apply them.

The experience of contact was much more personal than expected.

The main reason I took this course was to check if there were elements in my coaching missing and to fine tune my knowledge on the subject.

L.M. Spain


I learned so much from this course and it will support me in my work with
children and young people. I had a fantastic tutor and I
have found the whole experience really worthwhile and beneficial
both at a personal and professional level.

K.D. Ireland


I decided to pursue the Certificate in Counselling Skills program through OCC after returning back to work following two back-to-back maternity leaves. I work for a mental health organization, so it was important that I brush up on my skills.

As a working professional, (and single mom of two children under 3 years) this program was the perfect fit for me. It allowed me to work at my own pace, on my own schedule, and from the comfort of my home.

My tutor was very supportive and prompt with feedback and returning my submitted assignments.

The content of the course aims and objectives were accurate and strongly relevant to the work that I do.
I strongly recommend OCC for both new and continuing learners!

J.C. Canada


I enjoyed the course and think very highly of my tutor.

My intent is be able to apply and use what I have learned in this course
to my existing spiritual counseling practice in a more professional
manner, and help those who come to me.



The price was a main driver for taking this course. This was a good refresher to my Coaching course that I took with Rhodes Wellness College as nearly everything in it was identical to what I’d already learned. That said, it was a good review.

My tutor was very quick to respond and very positive.

I would say that if you wanted any supplementation as a counsellor or any introduction to counselling, this is a very good venue to use. Further to that, if you work well on your own and need a period of time to do the assignments, this works well.

S.M. Canada


I’ve been living and working at the university in Turkey for 3 years. After some time I found out there were a lot of Ukrainian women married to Turkish men and no research done in this area. A lot of them facing serious psychological problems because they try to adopt to a new cultural and it causes a lot of strain for their marriages. That is why I decided it would have been nice not only to conduct a research about those couples but also be able to help them dealing with their issues. Because of the time constraints, I couldn’t enroll in a full time university program so I started looking for an online program that could give me a certificate of accomplishment as well. That is how I started searching and found OCC.

This course definitely helped me personally to better understand my past relationship and have a different perspective on my new ones. For example, in the past my partner used to make me feeling guilty saying I was investing too much time and energy into my intimate relationship. I was thinking that my sense of work and life balance was wrong and I am too dependent on him. After taking this course I understand that there’s nothing wrong with being more committed to my relationship and be emotionally dependent on my partner.

I liked my tutor’s wise and timely comments and his strong commitment and passion for what he is doing.

I would describe OCC as a well-designed course for those who wants to gain better understanding of their personal relationship issues as well as for practicing psychologists who work with couples.

The thing that surpassed my expectations was my tutor’s careful attention and guidance that made my journey through Couples Counselling much easier and enjoyable.

I thought it would help me when I start working as a psychological counselor with intercultural couples here in Turkey or any in the USA.

Y.K. Ukraine


I decided to take this course because I knew what it was like to go through some issues growing up and not having anyone I could talk to so I went through them alone and I always said if I could ever get the chance to be in a position to help young people and to let them know that they are never alone that there is people out there who can help I would. I picked this college because it had the topics i was interested in and being a single mom doing the course at home was a big plus for me.

Taking this course has helped me personally because I have two children who have gone through a lot and one of them are in counselling now. \it has helped me to be able to pick up on certain actions which allow me to better understand why my child or children react the way they do and why they act in some ways. As for professionally I am still trying to get a job in this area also have been strongly thinking about opening my own counselling office.

What I enjoyed the most about working with my tutor is that he was always willing to give me advice on my assignment and he was always fast in replying to any emails I may have sent him. He was kind and very truthful in his remarks about my assignments.

I would highly recommend this college because it has great courses and the staff is awesome.

I was very impressed as to the professional behaviour of the tutors and how that they were concerned with any questions or concern I may have had. I received my curriculum fast after I ordered it.

My plans were to try and get a job in this area of training or someday start my own counselling office.

I just wanted to tell you that I found the assignments very insightful and I enjoyed doing this course very much, also I am also considering taking another course or two once I have the money.

C.H. Canada


The course outline, content, and length of the course were the main factors that stood out from other courses and helped me in making my decision to do the course.

This course has helped reinforce what I have learnt at university as well as aiding as a refresher. I believe trauma is in everyone’s lives and it is important to keep it in front of mind because it is such an important element in counselling.

The super quick responses and positive and constructive feedback.

I highly recommend the course as it is structured, the course outline is very easy to follow, there is an abundance of resources provided, the quick responses from the tutor even on weekends, and easy to read assignments.

In a previous online course from another organisation, timely communication was very difficult. With the Online Counselling College, the tutor introduced herself to me and offered the same from me. The response to my questions and assignments was within 24 hours and the feedback was always positive and constructive.

P.K. Australia


When I applied for the Online Grief Counselling Certificate, I had no idea what the program would include. My first thought was, ‘I hope it won’t be too difficult – and if I have concerns, I hope there will be someone there to help and guide me.’ My tutor meticulously emailed the program which I printed off and kept in a binder. He was especially helpful in his feedback on my returned assignments – and very encouraging. Because of his encouragement, I worked even harder to make the most of the course. Also, because of his guidance, I have had the confidence to go out and work in the grief counselling field and meet many wonderful people on this journey. I would recommend this training to anyone who is called to this path, but because there is a pass or fail and not a grading system, at the end of the day – It is what you put into the training, will be what you will get out of it.

B.L. Canada


Due to the nature of our non profit organization; I felt it was necessary to have some education relative to mental illness. I looked online to see what was offered and upon reading through the website; felt that this type of learning would benefit me the best. I am a very busy person and to work through the course material at home on my time was important to me.

I have gained a huge understanding about Psychological Disorders – symptoms and treatment options and feel better prepared for the requests that we get for resources.
My tutor was punctual, knowledgeable and capable of assisting me with this course. Some days it would be on a Sunday that I was working on my assignment and I don’t think I ever waited more than 1 day for the results.

I would give a high recommendation on the Online Counselling College – course material, cost, tutors and
length of time to complete subject were all excellent. I was pleased to see that the course material was also recognized by the Minister of Employment & Social Development.

Quick turn around time of assignments was exceptional.

No agenda was set out per se; more looking to gain knowledge for myself and future clients.

C.V. Canada


I have always been interested in counselling and was looking for an
introductory course, I came across the OCC website and
was impressed with the number of courses that were offered, the descriptions
outlined about each course allowed me to decide where to start, and any
questions I had were answered immediately. I found the course material very
well written and the tutor very supportive and prompt with feedback on my
assignments. I truly enjoyed the course which helped me to learn a great
deal about the importance of communicating effectively. Definitely would
recommend this course to people interested in this field and need to set up
your own pace because of a busy schedule.

N.A. Canada


First factor involved for me taking this was the need for continuing education/enhanced training for my company. I am not a Master Social Worker or Licensed Counselor, but I work with our Bereavement Program for our Hospice organization. I needed some type of training, that I was allowed to take, to assist me in this program. Online Counseling College allowed this to happen.

I used a lot of life experiences and empathy to help me before this program. Afterwards, I can still rely on these experiences, but it has taught me to look deeper than that. The most important thing about working with the grieving is ensure you humanize everything. Empathy is so very important to connect with our clients. Personally, it has helped me to stop and listen to others more.

I really liked my tutor’s prompt responses when I had a question or concern, especially when grading assignments. She was very pleasant to work with.

I would recommend OCC to others because of the variety of programs available; self paced; affordable; great tutors.

I found the program very interesting and enjoyed all the recommended reading and videos that supported the topics.

I wanted to be able to work at a comfortable pace. I expected to be done sooner, but…life happens and you get busy. I was still able to complete well within the 6 month timeframe, and couldn’t be happier.



With a background in International development and specialization in
Conflict and Reconstruction, I needed to do a course where I would be able
to combine my education, acquired skills and natural passion to help the
disadvantaged and vulnerable but most importantly provide much needed
community service to the province where I live and to the country in

This course has sharpened my skills to be more inquisitive and also to look
at diverse issues and consequences that could explain peoples actions;
especially people with health, emotional and or psychological challenges.
Professionally, the course has strengthened my emotional and intellectual
being, sense of objectivity and the ability to look at issues through a
diverse lens.

My tutor was very professional from the very beginning and remained so till
the end. She was objective in her criticism, and very encouraging where
there was justification. She was prompt at replying emails and returning
marked assignments.

An outstanding professional institution where commitment, diligence and
knowledge transfer is at the core of service

The support from my tutor was absolutely exemplary. Her commitment and
objective criticism aimed at bringing out the best in me and I believe other
students she supervised.

My agenda was to build a career as an addictions/youth counsellor.

E.E. Canada


After reviewing their information and reading reviews I was confident that OCC would be able to deliver the online course I was looking for.

On a personal level I find that the course offered reflection on my life that I may have otherwise not have taken. Professionally, the course has strengthened the structure that I currently use with my clients and given me confidence in my work.

The tutor was encouraging and actually took the time to point out what was being marked in the essays that we submitted with notes as support.

The course content was beyond my expectations and I found the experience and ease with the tutor supported my educational goals.

The course material and text book that I read with the course were excellent.

I wanted this course to compliment the work I currently do working with clients in the area of Trauma.

Keep up the good work!

B.H. Canada


I would like to thank my tutor for so promptly marking my assessment. I have
really enjoyed the course. The curriculum caused me to think through many
of the counselling skills I already have, and think about helping people
who are struggling with or on the way to having an addiction.

The notes were easy to read but caused a lot of thinking and professional
reflection. I have used what I have learnt with several clients already and
have found that my additional knowledge has helped the client better
understand what they are dealing with. One client felt the idea that the
rituals he was engaging in explained so much- they used the word

The written addiction assessments are very useful for providing information
to support the assessments that I was already forming.

E.S. Australia


I decided to take the course with OCC as it was available online and therefore could be carried out in a timescale that suited me. I found the modules interesting and informative and gave me the confidence to work with Couples. The feedback from my tutor was prompt, supportive and informative. I have decided to pursue another course with OCC as I found that it suited my style of learning well. I would highly recommend the course.

B.M. Ireland


I liked the flexibility of being able to work at my own pace and knowing I had a tutor who could answer any questions I had.

I have a better understanding of the cliental my place of work deals with. This has enabled me to become empathetic towards them.

My tutor was always happy to hear from me and she was very quick in marking my assignments. She was efficient and supportive. My tutor was way better than I could have expected, she was just great.

E.G. Canada


I took a course from OCC because of the convenience of the online course and also having a tutor to give feedback was wonderful.

This has given me the tools and the understanding to help others in a more educated and insightful way. The assignments allowed reflection, exploration, creativity and inviting others to participate in your own learning experience while sharing their stories.

My tutor was supportive and there was a safe exchange that was very encouraging. The feedback is important in the learning experience.

This was well worth the time and effort. I have to say that I looked forward to the lessons and the module assignments as I gained new insight about myself and how to help others.

I didn’t realize that I was still experiencing the grief and loss after so many years. The homework modules brought my own experiences to my attention and helped me understand more about my grief process. I feel that it will help me within my own practice with those who are dealing with grief and loss.

I came to the course because in my Spiritual practice, I needed to fully understand the process of grieving and loss for myself and the people who come to me for help.

I do believe that we always receive the perfect tools and training at the time we most need them in order to understand our own problems, and in turn help others. This was one of those times when the right course, cost, and people were there to give information and encouragement and so I am grateful for the experience. Thank you!

M.N. U.S.A.


What I liked best about working with OCC was that my instructor always provided prompt, helpful, and supportive feedback to my assignments. On top of that, she was more than willing to answer any questions I had, and even agreed to view counseling related material that I created that wasn’t strictly part of the provided assignments. Overall, my experience with OCC was excellent, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to further their counseling related experience.

C.F. Canada


After I had retired from the health care field, I decide to re-educate myself. I wanted to delve into topics that would enable me to continue to help others as well as topics that have touched me on a personal level. That’s how I stumbled upon the OCC website.

I was searching to increase my awareness about the impact that grief and loss have on our lives. My reasoning was twofold: (1) To have a more in-depth understand of the complexities grief has had on my life. (2) To be equipped to help others navigate through the threshold of their pain, loss, and grief. OCC not only provided this for me but gave me the means to heal more thoroughly from my personal losses.

Having been away from school for many years, I wanted to take a course that wasn’t too hard to comprehend. And although the curriculum was challenging, I was very impressed with its clarity, pointed assignments, and self-reflecting exercises.

My tutor’s feedback on submitted assignments was always very prompt. I valued his professional opinions and encouragement along the way.

The grief and loss counseling course was very rewarding, and I would definitely recommend OCC to others.

J.R. Canada


I found the site while searching the internet, once I found out it was a Canadian organization, I felt more comfortable about taking the course.

The course helped me immensely personally; it really helped put the grieving process into better perspective and I gained a number of new coping skills. I also feel a lot more confident in talking to others who have recently suffered a loss. I have not yet had a chance to see if there are professional opportunities for this certification.

The tutor always responded very quickly to my assignments, normally within a day or two. The feed-back was well thought out, encouraging and helpful. I felt a connection with the tutor right from the start and could tell he cared about how I was progressing with the course.

My experience with OCC could not have been any better. Signing up was easy, the course content and the tutor were excellent. I would highly recommend OCC to anyone wishing to gain counselling skills whether for personal or professional use.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the assignments and feedback and how much I gained from the course. It surpassed all my expectations.

I had no agenda, other than seek out opportunities once I completed the training.

My experience with OCC was excellent!

S.L. Canada


There were many factors that attracted me to OCC. Firstly the wide range of courses offered and the rich contents covered in each one of them. Also, the price was a factor that undoubtedly made me want to choose it, as I couldn’t afford pay for a masters or any other expensive course. It was also attractive the length of the course, because I had the practice but I needed the certification for my curriculum so the fastest way was through OCC as well. Tutors were really nice when I contacted them. All in all, everything about OCC caught my attention.

It helped me professionally as I understood better that counselling requires a set of skills that are not enough covered when you study in university, you have to go deeper and explore all the unique world of what counselling really is. It made me feel more secure when delivering sessions. It definitely boosted my self-confidence when delivering sessions.   The best Counselling Course you could ever take!

The feedback received from my tutor was very valuable! I learned things that I never knew about counselling, even after practicing for a few times now. Also, that I could count on the tutor at any time of the day and they will always be available and willing to answer your questions. The marking didn’t take long, as it is usually in other courses, so that was amazing, you could move on to the next module really quickly, at your own pace. They are really friendly, knowledgeable and experts in the topic!

What impressed me was how you can move on to the next modules at your own pace. You can take your time to study for a few weeks, or a couple of days, depending on the time you have, so there’s no pressure and you really learn. Also, I expected to receive the certificate by e-mail, but for my surprise it is mailed out to your own place, so that shows how serious and valuable this course is!

L.O. Cuba


I chose OCC because I really like how there was such a wide range of courses to choose from and that I could work at my own pace with access to a tutor if need be.

Working in the childcare room in a shelter for women and children of domestic violence I felt this course could really help me understand what the clients, could be going threw emotionally and apply the new skills from this course to help counsel them if need be.

I really liked how fast the assignments were marked and the good feed back that came with the marked assignments.  With the quick return I was able to continue quickly to the next module.

I felt that on completion of the course I came away with a ton of new knowledge for myself and how to apply it to clients.

My agenda was to be able to help support and assist in continuing extra supports to our clients that our in-house psychologist and therapist would give to our clients, as the clients only have access to them a few days a month, as I am there full time hours.

S.D. Canada


The organisation I work for arranged for me to the course.

It has benefited me personally as I feel more knowledgeable to then support the client, so it’s a parallel process professionally.

Tutor was very helpful and gave positive feedback

I would say the course was well written easy to follow and not complicated in its structure. It was very easy to follow with lots of valuable info.

I will recommend OCC.

J.H. U.K.


I was asked to take this course by the ACP as part of a disciplinary action. They instructed me to take the CBT course specifically.

This course has helped me better understand the way we process thoughts and emotions and come up with ways to help counter negative thinking and to better see the positives in things

I enjoyed my tutor’s great feedback and prompt marking of assignments

I would describe it as an excellent course that is easy to work on and not overly time consuming, the instructor is readily available to ask questions and is prompt with marking assignments

The course was what I expected it to be

I had a due date assigned to me so originally attempted to do one assignment per month but got behind at the beginning so worked hard towards the end to complete it

J.B. Canada


Having completed the course feels great. I learnt quite a bit. The content of the modules was thoughtfully structured and broken down in easily digestable pieces. I appreciate that you based the course on the latest research on trauma and presented it through a neutral and holistic lense.

I can say that I feel confident and enriched after having taken the course. I find that it’s a great base course covering all that is essential and vital to know when it comes to working with traumatized individuals. It has also greatly helped me in deepening my understanding of my own trauma.

Thank you for all your support throughout the course and the fast replies to my emails.

C.M. Canada


I located OCC during an online search. This was my first online education course. In my current career, I was interested in studying addictions to better help my clients and I immediately found the course and syllabus relevant to my learning objectives. I also liked that the course was online and you could work at your own pace.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Addictions Counselling course and it met all my learning objectives. I found the learning material and modules relevant to the work I was doing with my clients.

My online mentor was knowledgeable and the feedback he provided was concise and extremely valuable to my learning.
I would definitely recommend OCC to others and will likely take more courses offered through OCC in the future.

N.L. Canada


The clear concise information on the OCC website is what made me choose to
work with them, as opposed to other organisations I had researched,
especially as this was my first distance learning certification I was doing.

Over the years as a corporate professional, I’ve realized that counseling
is imperative to get the best out of the teams I have lead. Find the
strengths, use those, and work on the weaknesses to enable the team member
to become the best they can be, not only professionally but as a person.
Moving to Hong Kong gave me the opportunity of redefining my personal
path. I chose Loss & Grief Counseling as I believe I can use my strengths
and personal experiences over my years, to assist others in need of support
in critical times.

My mentor, is an absolute professional. Her feedback was
concise and extremely valuable. What I most appreciated was the
incredibly quick turnaround time. I never waited more than 24 hours for
her response to my module submissions. Remarkable!

I would highly recommend working with OCC. The course material was not
only informative and valuable, it also challenged me to dig deep and to do
extensive research on all topics covered. I’ve found myself continuing
with research, even after the course was completed, and will very likely be
doing another course in the new year.

There is no doubt I will be working through OCC.

H.D. Hong Kong


I decided to take the course is because I reviewed the curriculum and liked the areas covered, meaning losses not just due to physical death. I also thought the curriculum was’ thorough’. I wanted to further my knowledge or at least review or reinforce knowledge I already had. I had ‘shopped around’ and liked this course the best due to its affordability, time frame to complete the course, its curriculum and the counseling principles it is based on.

This course refreshed much of my knowledge in addition to learning several new skills as a grief counselor and facilitator. The course and the feedback also reaffirmed that I am using the appropriate skills with my groups and individuals. Personally, I believe the course in answering many of the questions, helped me to tap even further into my own feelings of grief and promote deeper healing.

I really enjoyed my tutor’s feedback and insight to my responses. I also enjoyed, very much, the ‘personal touch’ and I will truly miss that from him.

If I were to recommend OCC I would describe the course content, tutoring style and type of assignments to be done. Many of the assignments are what I call ‘process assignments’ and some also involve some research.

Mostly I was impressed with the thoroughness of the course and all that it covered.

I have been applying new skills and knowledge learned in addition to continuing using the skills that have been reinforced. I have also copied handouts for my group and have had discussions regarding the handouts on whatever specific topic it was for that day.

D.H. U.S.A.


I took the grief and loss course because had the material I was looking for. This course confirmed what I knew about this subject, and gave me a much deeper insight into the Grief Journey.

My tutor, was encouraging, professional and a sheer pleasure!

I would recommend OCC for the following reasons; very professional institution, course content was challenging, and interesting.

I wanted to further my knowledge in this area, to better help the people I meet through my Church.

Personally, this course gave me closure in some areas that I needed to work on.

P.W. Canada


I needed this course to obtain my BCACC so that I can pursue my dream of working with horses doing equine therapy.

This course was challenging enough to make me think and with just the right amount of structure to allow me to be creative in my writing.

My tutor’s support was beyond anything I have experienced before from previous instructors and made this course very enjoyable for me.

I found the course on line and was glad to know that I could do it at my own pace.

J.S. Canada


What I enjoyed most about these online courses was the fact that the information was so relevant to issues teens and children are facing in today’s society. I can definitely say I have learned and grown in my professional knowledge in the counselling field. I was also pleased with the support from my tutor and how fast I got responses, and help when needed. Highly recommended!

E.V. Canada


To find a course online that was specific in what it offered in the field of addictions isn’t easy. OCC disclosed with clarity what they offered and delivered. It was also reasonably priced

It has given me a good broad understanding of this field, and left me with a better understanding of being efficient in my research material and where to gather good reliable sources.

My tutor was prompt, valuable and encouraging with his feedback.

The course was manageable, efficient and up to-date with source material, with a good way of encouraging interest towards reading material online.

What surpassed my expectations was how prompt the return of corrected assignments with feedback.

For me this was a good starting point to better understand this field, and to dip my toe in the water so to speak.

Like all certificate courses they should be about a broad knowledge of the specific subject. Certificates are the first line of education on specific subject fields and OCC, I believe delivered this well.

I.T. Australia


I decided to take a course with OCC has it offer online and that I didn’t
need to take time away from work to attend the training.

I started with counselling skill course as I am planning on taking several
courses with them and counselling skills seemed to be a good place to start.

The content was very good and provides me knowledge that I was looking for.
I wanted to gain knowledge that would help me in my future career.

My tutor was always very quick to get her feedback to me. Her feedback on
my assignments helped me to gain more understanding and was very
encouraging. My tutor was also very positive and approachable. Thank you
for that. The assignments encouraged me to think about how to approach
different scenarios.

Time and money well invested, it gave me tons of strategies and knowledge
that I will be able to use every day at home and at work. Thanks again and
encourage people to take this course.

M.G. Canada


What made me decide to take a course with OCC was hearing of this website from a family friend who had taken and was going to be taking another course. Still unsure of what it was about, I thought I should check it out. I was amazed with all the different kinds of counselling courses that were available. What stood out was how simple OCC was to understand and get what they were all about and how easy it was to register and start right away. You didn’t have to wait until a certain time to take any courses, they are ready and available whenever you are. It is nice too that they give you time to complete the course Since counselling is something I have been wanting to go into for quite some time because of my own recovery, I thought this was a good start for me since it’s been quite some time since I’ve been in school. When I saw what all was available, I contacted OCC as soon as possible to get more information.

Taking the Addictions Counselling course has definitely helped me personally and professionally. As far as personally, I have suffered an eating disorder for 9 years of my life and recently sought treatment. I learned so much and gained so much insight on myself as well as the disease itself. I have challenged myself to things I never thought were possible before. Although I am not fully recovered and I have got a long journey ahead, I know that it is okay. Everything heals and recovers differently. It all takes time and work. As far as professionally, it has given me a much better standing of other addictions as well. Although they are all very different, I see many similarities as well. I’ve gained more knowledge and understanding of each of them. I have learned how to speak to clients in an understanding, empathetic and genuine way and how important it is to give that person your undivided attention. This is also something personal due to my experience with an eating disorder, I can understand and empathize individuals going through any type of struggle and how addiction takes hold of your life.

What I liked most working with my tutor was I felt like I could ask for help anytime I needed. She was very kind, helpful and genuine. Any time I had a question it was answered very quickly, I felt like I didn’t have to wait at all for a response. She was also very quick to mark my papers so I knew how I was doing. I felt very supported and like she truly cared. Her words in the emails as well as the feedback on my papers were very encouraging and made me feel good and it helped me to keep pushing to complete the course.

If I were to recommend OCC to others I would say it is a great option to take different types of counselling courses if it is something they are interested in. The director is very kind and quick to respond to any questions you may have, as well as the tutor. They truly do care. They are kind and genuine people. The course modules are easy to read and the answers to questions are based on the readings. It is nothing too formal or that has to be written in a very particular way. They just want to see how you respond personally, professional and based off of the readings. It is simple marking scheme – it is pass or fail. They give you plenty of time to complete the course and are understanding of our busy day to day lives. It is just great!

I would say how much the people at OCC truly care surpassed my expectations. The director was great and was quick to respond to anything you questioned or were concerned about. They take an actual interest in you. The same goes for my tutor. I never waited long periods of time so answers or my papers to be marked. They always have encouraging words to say that just make you feel good and that they just truly care.

I didn’t really have an exact agenda when I started this course. I surprised myself with how I breezed through it and completed it. I did it mostly for personal reasons – for a sense of purpose and accomplishment and something that I can be proud of. I wanted to take it to learn more about other addictions as well. It was great to set a goal for myself and I completed it in much less time than I anticipated.

I would just like to add that I will definitely be taking more courses in the near future! 

S.E. Canada


I have always been interest in helping people to manage losses and the greatest loss is that of a loved one because he/she has died. Therefore, I decided to took the course of Loss and Grief with the Online Counselling College. I decided to study online because I don’t have a lot of time, working almost seven days a week, and because there was nothing in my area. From all my research I found that the course offered by the Online Counselling College had the best content and a wonderful philosophy. I figured that their concept of changing lives one student at a time meant they offer personal and dedicated attention, and I was right. The attention was really personal, the contents of the course were impressively helpful to achieve what I wanted and the tutor was a wonderful guide.

The course itself is well planned, with complete items to study and many excellent recommendations to do research. The assignments really force you to realize how much you have learned while at the same time being themselves an extra tool of learning. When I finished I really had a sense of accomplishment and I had internalized all the content of the course.

My tutor was absolutely wonderful. He was very supportive from the start, giving me always feedback and direction whenever I needed them. He would review my assignments almost immediately and his comments were extremely helpful. In the process of taking the course, my father died and he was wonderfully supportive and guided me the way I hope I’ll guide people thanks to the course. He was the best example I could have of the impact a Loss and Grief Counselor can have in someone’s life.

I was a little skeptical about how much you can learn online, but the way this course was handled and the guidance giving by my tutor were better than what I expected. I am extremely happy I took this course and I feel I have become not only a better, more caring human being, but I have acquired the skills to help others in those difficult moments.

P.P. Italy


I discovered OCC online and really liked the inspirational quotes on their Facebook page. The inspirational quotes stated demonstrate what I personally try to reflect in my work as a spiritual care provider i.e. sympathy while working with clients in their long journey towards improvement and change.

This course has helped me in connecting to broader sources within the addiction field that I may benefit from even after the completion of my course. Likewise, reflecting over case studies has assisted me in creating a general intervention outline for specific addiction situations. Professionally, this course was a means of overviewing the subject of addictions and its categories which has refreshed and added to my understanding and judgement.

The tutor was not only helpful, but was really supportive. The feedback on assignments was insightful and sent back in a timely-reasonable manner.

I also think additional videos of cases/lectures would have been fruitful in all modules within the addiction course.

I.F. Canada


This course (Certificate in Grief and Loss Counselling) was both a personal and professional interest to me. I volunteer for the local Hospice Society, and it fleshed out my learning to help other people in their grief journey. The tutor was great at keeping in contact and was excellent in responding directly to any questions or thoughts I presented. Assignments were quickly returned to me: sometimes within the day!! OCC is very user friendly and I loved that there was both online and printable material. Being able to work at my own pace enabled me to continue my day to day life while reaping the benefits of taking this course. Good job OCC and thanks for everything!!

B.V. Canada


I have recently finished my course in Additions Counselling and received my certificate of completion. I decided to take this course with OCC because for many years I have had to fight my own demons of addiction. When I became clean I wanted to give back and start helping others.

This course has helped me both personally and professionally because I can use the tools I learned in my own day to day life as well as my career as an addiction counsellor.

My tutor was absolutely amazing. She always got back to me right away and gave me so much great feedback with every assignment. She worked with me as a team to help me understand all the various types of addiction and gave me more knowledge about things I did not know.

The content of this course was very easy to understand and was full of great information.

I would 100% recommend anyone to take this course. It was well worth it!

T.B. Canada


I have recently completed the Certificate in Elder Care. I found the learning to be very relevant and appropriate. The readings gave a good grounding to the subject, and the assignments built well from the readings. I have some counselling qualifications but wanted more specific understanding on the elder care field, and I am happy with outcomes.

My tutor, was very prompt in grading my assignments, with helpful comments.

I would recommend this course to others wanting a grounding in the field.

R.S. Australia


I had been interested in Life Skills coaching for a very long time, yet there was nothing available in my area, so I began to search for online options. When I came upon your website, the layout was very appealing to me and I loved how all the information that I needed was easily accessible. I LOVED that you stated your mission of Changing Lives One Student at a Time and the beautiful visuals were enticing. I did not have to email for course info, it was all right there in simple format.

This course has been AMAZING and has impacted me both personally and professionally. I learnt new concepts and found the plentiful resources very informative. I built my skillset and enjoyed a spike in my creativity. My career will be enhanced as my enthusiasm for helping others has been renewed as a result of working through the assignments. I also found that when I completed my assignments I felt great! Working through the material gave me a real boost!

My tutor is an AWESOME HUMAN BEING. I immediately enjoyed a wonderful connection with him, not only as a student but as a person. He was very supportive and encouraging and provided valuable insight that helped me very much. I have an abundance of respect for his experience and education as well, and knew I was in good hands from the very start. I felt like he was always in my corner cheering me on. The world is definitely better because my tutor is in it!

I have already referred some of my colleagues to OCC based on the professional and thorough course content of the programs. I found the assignments relevant and challenging as they completely are designed to help the student gain the tools they need to be successful. I tell others about the realistic layout and rave about the very kind and continuous support that is available. The course fees are very reasonable and there are options as well, for workbook learning as opposed to working towards a certificate.

If I were to say what surpassed my expectations, I would say EVERYTHING! I did not know what to expect with online learning and was concerned at the onset about motivation as I needed to juggle learning with the other areas of responsibility in my life. The learning felt personalized and the partnership with my tutor far surpassed my expectations. I did not expect my assignments to be returned to me so quickly and did not expect such detailed and motivating feedback. I also did not expect to finish so soon, but found myself looking forward to working through my assignments instead of trying to fit them in. I was very surprised that after finishing my last assignment, I was regretful that it was over…it felt like finishing a good book or a yummy meal that you did not want to end. I am very excited to take my next course.

I wanted to obtain my certification in Life Skills so that I could then move my career into a new direction. My goal is to become an Employment Counsellor for a non-profit agency in my community and I will now be able to begin to open up my job search, thanks to OCC, my tutor and the AMAZING Advanced Life Skills course.

This was truly a wonderful experience that has reminded me how valuable continuous learning is.

L.R. Canada


I already had an initial training in person-centred counselling and wanted to broaden my knowledge of the field and gain some insight into other counselling models and theories. Your course was the only one I could find that did just that.

The course has helped me very much in my work with young people. If I should point out one thing in particular, it must be the Narrative Approach, which has given me a whole new perspective on the stories my students/clients tell me about their lives.

My tutor was very quick to provide response and feedback; I often got my work back within hours of submitting it! She was also very encouraging and supportive.
OCC is a well-organised, professional online college that provides high-quality counselling courses at a reasonable price.

The personal touch surpassed my expectation. Many on-line courses these days are rather impersonal: you register online, you get a password, you study using a learning platform, submit your answers and get a grade, without feeling any real connection with the college.

S.M. Norway


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of your on-line counselling course. I found it very informative and practical. I particularly liked the pace at which the course progressed as I was able to utilize the skills that learned in my daily work with my program participants over the 6 month period. This made the practicality of the course so valuable. I found your responsiveness to questions and assignments prompt and helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to apply the skills learned as they learn them.

D.S. Canada


I thought the group work course was well set out and very “user friendly”. It gave lots of information to work with and also plenty of sources of reading on the subjects covered. The reflecting questions really helped to “cement” the learning in my mind and the course offered insight into a good range of approaches to group work. The charity that I’m working for has just started to offer group counselling and I am one of the facilitators so this has been a really useful learning experience for me. The tutor was helpful and very prompt in responding to work submitted.



I had searched the internet for an online course and ended up on your website. The cost for the course was low and I read good things about OCC.

It has made me understand myself more, as I was an addict before. Besides that, I also know better how I can help others with their problems. This is beautiful 🙂

My tutor was so quick with checking my work and replying back to me. We shared both a little about our lives, which gave much more of a bonding feeling. I really enjoyed having him as my tutor.

I would recommend OCC to others because of the following:
– Good learning material
– Good advice from tutor
– Not too expensive

I’m very happy with attending to the course and everything it has brought me. Thank you very much.

J.M. Netherlands


As I was searching for courses on line what struck me about OCC was that I could take so many courses at a fraction of the cost of other on line courses. As well as the cost I was happy to read that there were so many courses that interested me and the fact that I could work at my own pace.

Taking this course has definitely raised my self-esteem due to the fact that I had such kudos from my tutor. I will peruse a business with this course completed as I needed this course to add to my list of courses for helping people to live their best life possible.

My tutor’s quick responses to my assignments were uplifting. I felt that she was really interested in my answers and her comments were uplifting and thoughtful.

This course was challenging in many ways but brought me to a new understanding about myself. I could work at my own pace but the work was so fascinating and the reading was so interesting that I found that I was excited to move from assignment to assignment. I will definitely take more courses as soon as the summer has passed.

I enjoyed every aspect of this course – even the PP presentation which I had never done! My tutor, said that I could do it in word but my need to learn new skills lead me to do the PP presentation as best as I could. A new skill learned! Kudos to Online Counselling College for their kind attention to their students and to their courses. I highly recommend this college to anyone looking to add new skills to their life.

P.T. Canada


A year after graduating with my bachelor’s degree in human justice, I began seeking out certificate courses I could take to continue my education. I knew counselling was something I wanted to learn more about and when I came upon OCC I was immediately drawn in. There are so many online certificate courses offered, it was exactly what I was looking for. I started reading the testimonials, and the array of people who had completed the courses was astonishing. All across the world people had written about how positive their experience was with OCC, and at that point there was no turning back!

Taking this course has helped me both personally and professionally. Personally, I am now able to understand and help youth in crisis situations. I feel that I have gained so many tools that will not only help me now, but in the future as I grow myself professionally. Professionally, I am now able to take the tools I have learnt and apply them to my every day support work. I feel much more educated on the subjects, and I am very eager to share what I have learnt to others.

My tutor was extremely insightful. Each assignment had feedback on it, and he helped me think about things in a different light. I learnt so much from him, he truly is remarkable!

I have already recommended OCC! I have told my coworkers about the courses, and especially the tutor. I described OCC as an online counselling certificate course that allows you to go at your own pace, with someone always there to help. Each individual I have spoken to were very impressed with what I had to say.

I was nervous coming into the course, as I didn’t know what to expect. My tutor has surpassed all my expectations. Every time I have contacted him he has responded in 24 hours or less. He is extremely intelligent and insightful, and I am very fortunate to have had him for my past 2 certificates!

My agenda was to take the first counselling course and see how it went. I loved it so much that I took a second one. I would recommend OCC to all my fellow coworkers.

T.M. Canada


I was working full-time as an assistant at a school, but I wanted to study counselling. This was one of the reasons why I chose OCC because of the flexibility to learn and study in my time without affecting my work and family time. When I first went on the site, I noticed that it offers Counselling for Children and Youth. The topics for each module of that course also attracted my attention so I decided to enroll in this course.

This course has helped me professionally. I work with young children and this course has provided me the knowledge and skills to apply to help children understand
the reasoning behind their struggles as well as to help them to move forward from their issues. Most importantly, I learned to communicate more effectively and efficiently with children while building and maintaining a trusting relationship with children.

I would highly recommend OCC to others. I really enjoyed the course and my experience with the tutor. My tutor has supported me throughout the course. I really appreciated the support and feedback that I received when working with my tutor. Moreover, I liked the fact there are different ways to apply what I’ve learned. For example, I could apply what I’ve learned through written work and activities such as practicing interview with a young child or an adolescent. The parts about practicing counselling skills with a young person really surpassed my expectations as I initially though that the course would be merely reading and written work.

Overall, I am happy that I took this course. I wanted to continue to work with children and youth. However, I plan to become a child or youth worker or a counsellor for children and youth sometime in the future. The Counselling Children and Youth course has equipped me with the foundation and valuable tools to use in the field that I am in and for further study in counselling.

L.X. Canada


I had spent a lot of time in counselling and emerged from that experience wanting to help others. I thought I would begin exploring counselling with OCC, it seemed like it would be flexible enough for me to begin exploring and the six month time line seemed geared towards my current schedule.

This course has opened the door and paved the way for more. I look forward to taking another course with OCC as soon as I can. I want to continue to learn all I can about counselling. For me, Counselling Theory was the starting point and now that I have finished the course I can’t wait to learn more about different aspects of counselling. It has not only given me the confidence to continue forward but has helped in understanding myself as well.

Working with my tutor could not have been better. She always provided positive and constructive feedback in a timely manner. I don’t think she knows how much her positive attitude and attention to my questions went in pushing me forward through the course. I couldn’t wait for her assessment after each assignment. My tutor provided quick and relevant responses, she was always there for any questions that popped up along the way.

The course was presented in an easy to understand format and along with the books I felt I received a very thorough understanding of the information presented. I wanted to have an introduction to counselling and this course really gave a well rounded overview of counselling. It allowed me to take my time and really absorb the information without pressure. I could go at my own pace and really take my time with the material.

K.R. Canada


I liked that the course was online and that I didn’t need to take time away from work to attend the training.

The content was all very applicable to my position as a school counsellor and personally it helped me to have more confidence in the work I do. I wanted to gain knowledge that would help me in my work and learn strategies that I could use right away.

My tutor was always very quick to get his feedback to me and also helpful when I had questions about anything. His feedback helped me to gain more understanding and was very encouraging. My tutor was also very positive and approachable.

The content is very applicable and the strategies were all things I could use right away.
The assignments encouraged me to think about how I would use the concepts that I learned in my work setting and some were even things that could use right away.

Honestly the best money I’ve ever spent on PD. Many times I’ve paid more than this for a weekend conference but have been disappointed by not being able to take any strategies away from them. This gave be tons of strategies and knowledge that I will be able to use every day in my work!! Great Bang for Your Buck!

A.O. Canada


I am a working professional and what OCC offered fit my timeline and specific
course needs. I also noticed it is recognized by The Ministry of Children and
Families. This has helped me professionally because I would like to work with Victim Services and I have opened a private practice. I appreciated using my already achieved experience in my assignments.

My tutor was very prompt in her response, supportive and encouraging.

I found the course content very good, I enjoyed the reading material and the
assignment were just challenging enough as a working person.
K.R. Canada


I wanted to take a course on grief support to use as a nichre for my life coaching. OCC stood out professionally.

Personally, I have learned a lot about helping people work through their experiences involving death and dying and professionally, I have gained the knowledge and confidence to make grief support a main focus of my Life Coaching.
The course content was very interesting, covering in depth the issues around death and dying and supporting people through this. The assignments were structured to be thought-provoking, while requiring the necessary research needed, for professional purposes. My tutor provided the necessary encouragement for me to feel confident about my progress.
My tutor was very professional, approachable and encouraging!!

I was very pleased with the expected requirements and the pace of the course.

I took this course with the plan to begin work on the business aspects of setting up my Grief Support Life Coaching.

L.H. Canada


The online training made this course more manageable and allowed me to work around a busy lifestyle. The support and feedback I received throughout the course was to a high standard, the feedback I received allowed me to move forward with confidence.

My tutor was an absolute pleasure to work with and marked my work within 24 hours of receiving it, this was great as sometimes I was feeling anxious about my submission. I was slightly concerned about communication due to the distance but I had no issues at all and response rate was pretty impressive.

A fantastic course with a lot of insight and knowledge into group work.

K.D. United Kingdom


I am a peer counsellor who was wanting to have a better understanding of the counselling relationship, and to gain skills to be more effective and competent in my work. My full time job and full family life required me to choose a course that emphasised both quality and flexibility. OCC fulfilled these requirements. The course I took presented a very well organized counselling model. The course was structured in a way that was easy to attach new information to as the course progressed. I appreciate that I now have a more professional and affirmed perspective of my work. I feel significantly better equipped to be a benefit to those whom I have the privilege of helping.

I expected the course to provide me general teaching from within the field of counselling, however the course surpassed my expectations in that I feel structurally equipped with focused education to be an effective helper, having been taught a clear and well organized framework through which to journey in partnership with those who come to me for help as they face a variety of difficulties.

My tutor was very encouraging and very quick to mark my work. I appreciated knowing that I could contact her at any time with any question.

M.A. Canada


In 2015 I transitioned from working as a carpenter to working in an addiction treatment center. Although it wasn’t part of the job requirements, I wanted to take some courses that would help me understand some of the struggles of the men in recovery and give me some skills to help them in their to recovery. Looking on-line for a course that I could do while working, I looked at OCC’s course on Addictions Counselling and felt it offered the most comprehensive coverage of the main addictions I would likely be dealing with.

This course has helped me better understand the root causes of addiction and their symptoms and has given me some great ideas to use in helping the men stay focused on recovery. Even before I was finished the course I found I was using some of what I had learned in my counselling sessions with ‘the boys.’

Having a tutor helped immensely. His encouraging words helped build my confidence in what I was learning and how to apply it.

OCC really has put together a great course here on addiction. Besides the detail of the course content and the benefit of having a tutor, the modular assignments were very challenging. They made you put into practice what you learned from the course material, the accompanying textbook and the on-line research.

All in all, a great course!!

D.S. Canada


I had no previous experience of Distance Learning/ Education and wondered how it might suit me and my needs. Hitherto, and indeed throughout my Academic life I enrolled in various Universities and attended formal lectures, and as you might guess the college environment/milieu provided the additional benefit of being able to interact with people, Wherein , the conversations of all were a series of lectures to each!

At this stage in my life I felt the need to up skill myself, and as time, (and age!), excluded the possibility of my enrolling in more local colleges, I looked up courses that were of interest to me on the Internet. During this process, I happened upon some very interesting courses offered by OCC. It was a fortunate discovery! The presentation and content of each course was such, that it made it easy for me to make a decision.

I opted for a Course in Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy. The efficiency of the enrolment procedure was admirable and the expense was very modest, by any standard. I immediately received an acknowledgment of my Registration, followed with equal rapidity by the Course manual,(6 modules), and a Grief Workbook, (for personal work, reflections, and emotional education), and the Assignment Schedule, one for each module and this was in turned handed in to your tutor for marking.

This I found very beneficial as it enabled one to keep disciplined vis-a-vis to complete the assignments in good time, and it also managed and helped broadened one’s horizons through the excellent Bibliographies that were attached to each module. Worden’s Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy, was the fundamental textbook for the course and it was a gem!

Fortune again, was on my side in the sense that I was assigned a very competent and helpful tutor, generous in affirmation and inspiring, this continued and added incentive to the entire process.
I found the Course very inspiring and gained many valuable insights from it. I have long been a disciple of Karl Rogers and was both delighted and encouraged to discover his insights and influences evident in the various modules.

While I did not have great expectations as to what I might “get out” of the Course, I must say that the overall benefit of the experience, far exceeded anything I might have hoped for. In sum, I have gained new insights and skills, and most importantly a renewed confidence in my ability to help people, mired in grief trying to cope with experiences of dying, death, bereavement, and mourning and with general and particular loss. I recommend the OCC with the utmost confidence.

P.M. Ireland


I recently completed a course with the Online Counselling College. I liked that there was adequate time and that it wasn’t just reading and answering questions – it was assignments that were linked to the real world and that allowed you to apply what you were learning. I was able to connect what I was learning to my job which was very useful.

My online tutor gave wonderful feedback. He was kind and supportive and didn’t pester when there was a large gap of time between assignments. He was always available to answer questions and to help, even giving guidance on what to take after I completed the first course. I would definitely recommend the Online Counselling College.

S.H. Canada


I started my marriage counselling ministry in the church I attend and I discovered that I had a calling in that area and all my counsellees and friends agreed that I was called for the ministry and so I needed to learn more about my calling and become grounded in the area of family and marriage counselling

Personally and professionally the course has broadened my knowledge and I have better understanding about family and marriage counselling and I have also been able to relate what I know to theoretical and real-life approaches in counselling.

My tutor was always available and allowed me to freely express myself. I always looked forward to his feedback which was clear and concise and also engaged my thoughts.

OCC brings in a fresh perspective to counselling, the courses are practical, concise and easily relatable to real-life situations. From the onset of enrolment into the college to the receipt of your certificate, it was very straightforward just like the course content, assignments and the tutor. The courses were short and practical

Anyone can enrol into OCC, both professionals and those who are interested in gaining more knowledge with regards to the topics offered.

This learning experience has boosted my confidence as a counsellor and I can easily relate and apply the things I learnt from OCC. My main agenda was in the application of what I learnt from the course.

K.N. Nigeria


As anesthesia specialist, I worked in a rehabilitation center in Egypr, 15 years ago. Knowing about addiction from counselling point of view is a new challenge for me. Studying the addiction from this prospective would help me dealing with clients who may have any addiction issues.
Personally, I started to know about new skills of communication with clients. Effective listening,body language, and dealing with stress are very clear examples of that.
You established clear objectives for each lesson and worked to meet those objectives during the course. You maintained open communications and you have thorough knowledge of the course curriculum.

I would recommend this course to my colleagues as it is very useful to any doctor either he/she is going to work as a counsellor or not. The professionalism of the tutor, the rich content of the chapters together with the real life directed assignments are the main advantages.
Personally I am planning to practice as an addiction counsellor in Canada as plan A.
If I could not find , this course is a big add to me as a health care provider.
It would be very useful if you add a separate chapter that brief the treatment modalities all together.

H.H. Canada


I am a behaviour analyst working with individuals with autism and related disorders. It has been recommended by other professionals that some clients would benefit from CBT. However, finding providers with CBT backgrounds and experience with individuals on the spectrum has been impossible. I wanted to learn enough about CBT so that I could apply it to my clients.

I began researching programs. I was looking for an affordable, online course, to give me the fundamentals in CBT. I found it at OCC. I found the course material to be interesting and easy to use. I found the feedback from my tutor very helpful and I found her to be very encouraging.

I found the course helpful personally and professionally. I discovered faulty thinking patterns I didn’t know I had. I have been able to take the content and use it for several of my clients. It is helping them recognize their own faulty thinking and I believe will be able to help them change it.

I have recommended OCC courses to a colleague looking to expand her counselling knowledge.

K.C. Canada


My agenda was (is) to complete courses in Trauma and Grief Counselling as I live in a rural area and there are currently no providers who specialize in those areas. A large percentage of my clients have experienced trauma at some level and I would like to be able to assist them as much as possible through their ordeal.

Accessible, affordable and the progression of the course from start to finish followed a very clear path. It fit with my busy schedule.

This course has given me more confidence when working with clients in my job.

My tutor always got back to me quickly so I was never left hanging with a question regarding the assignments. The positive feedback helped build my confidence with each Module completed.

S.S. Canada


I was interested in taking some counselling courses but was firstly looking for the convenience of online along with the flexibility to continue working full time. When I came across OCC and saw the variety of topics that were offered along with their context per topic it was clear that I had found what I was looking for.

Both professionally and personally this course has helped me to gain a better understanding of self-awareness. It solidified a variety of strategies that I currently implement with the families that I engage with. Personally, it has enhanced my self-awareness and allowed myself to navigate through past challenges/emotions that may have put to the side.

My tutor was phenomenal, I liked that she gave me positive feedback, encouraging comments, and provided her viewpoint. She returned my assignment within hours of submitting it, which was greatly appreciated.

I would definitely recommend the OCC to others. The process of signing up and beginning the course was easily laid out. My tutor contacted me the next day and provided the course outline and content. The assignments were very helpful in several ways, furthering my self-awareness, putting myself in the shoes of a client, and enhancing my self-refection skills.

The assignments surpassed my expectations. I imagined that they would be based around how to counsel a family given a specific scenario. However, that was not the case, having the assignments based around your own experiences was a key component for my learning.

I currently work with families’ on a daily bases as a Children’s Therapist and wanted to enhance my skills to support the family unit. I also am hoping to broaden my career in the future with hopes that adding counselling to my expertise would be of benefit.

L.A. Canada


Professionally, I was quickly and nearly immediately able to use the course material in my work. I would have situations at work that were relevant to what I was learning.
Personally, the material was helpful to me. The course on grief helped me understand more effectively the grief process and how it applied in my life.

The tutor was most encouraging in the comments. The quick turn around time for assignments was helpful in staying on track and motivated with the course material.

The registration and payment process is easy. The school wants people to succeed and helps to ensure that students have the materials and personal support they need to be successful. The variety and diversity in assignments – I was thankful it was not all research papers!

The cost was reasonable. It was competitive with other programs. It was online – easy to access and complete when I was ready to do the assignments and readings. The length of course was reasonable.

I was impressed by the reading materials and suggested additional resources.

My agenda was to learn this course material to make me more competent, confident and comfortable in work situations. The course certainly helped.

It was just confirmed for me….the more I put into the course the more I got out of it.

B.H. Canada


I have been discerning to pursue psychology or counselling. However, I don’t have any background in either of the field. I decided to find a short counselling course where I can experience and learn introductory level of counselling to expose myself more to this field. It would also be useful for me to make decision whether I really want to pursue psychology/counselling in tertiary education. I found OCC when I was looking for the course and it was practically the only one that offers great variety of certificates, affordable price and eligibility for everyone from all walks of life.

Personally, this course served as introductory lesson for me to enter psychology/counselling field. Right now I have finally decided to pursue this field. The course I took in OCC increases my confidence in pursuing something that was completely new to me.

My tutor was very responsive whenever I emailed him. When I needed to ask something about the course, he would reply in less than 24 hour. He is also very encouraging. He gave comments and feedback that also built my confidence.

I think OCC is a great place to learn more about psychology/counselling especially for people who are new to the field since it does not have any specific background requirement. The materials were presented in very interesting and easy applicable style. It is easy to understand and to apply in daily life. I’d definitely recommend OCC to others.

Although at first I thought the materials were easy, their applicability definitely surpassed my expectation. I have been using it for myself, my friends and also in my relationship.

I planned to take this course as an introduction to counselling. However, I specifically chose CBT because after reading some background information, I think that CBT is very useful to treat client. I plan to use this after I become psychotherapist in the future.

S.A. Singapore


I decided to take a course with OCC because I had been looking for a course to help increase my skills and knowledge on counselling for a long time, and OCC offered a convenient option as I was able to work at my own pace without having to take time off work or leave my community. It made learning more accessible.

This course has helped me both personally and professionally in that it has greatly increased my confidence in my ability to help others. It introduced me to new concepts and models that closed the circle in my knowledge. It has increased my confidence and my comfort levels, allowing me to connect with my clients on a deeper level.

My tutor was extremely supportive, prompt, and offered valuable feedback. Rather than leaving only general feedback at the end of the assignment, my tutor left detailed feedback throughout my returned assignments and was very quick to return my work. This made completing the course much easier and more enjoyable.

OCC is a great way for independent learners to expand and review their skills and knowledge. If you enjoy working at your own pace, OCC is for you. The content is easy to follow, and connects well with the assignments. It’s a great resource if you don’t want to or can’t travel for professional development.

The support I received from my tutor surpassed my expectation. One of the greatest barriers to online or distance learning is lack of instructor interaction and support and I felt confident from the moment I registered I would always have a quick response from my tutor with relevant, personal feedback. I was not disappointed. This made a huge difference, and put OCC above other online learning agencies I have dealt with in the past.

My agenda was to increase my comfort levels working with both adults and youth experiencing grief and loss. I already had some experience working in these groups, but I always felt uncomfortable dealing with the topic. The OCC course allowed me to feel more comfortable and I am now working with several clients on grief and loss and feel much more confident, allowing me to focus more on them, than my own hang ups.

If I could make one recommendation, it would be to assign specific chapters of a textbook as supplemental reading to each module. Having an aligned, related, and on point textbook to the course/each module would have enhanced my learning even further, rather than reading the book, sort of parallel to the course.

C.M. Canada


Because I work at a cemetery, I am surrounded by many who have experienced loss and grief. I was looking for an outlet to expand my knowledge of the subject, and allow me to better serve the clients I have. What made OCC stand out the most, was the accessibility of communication with tutors. It’s apparent how much they care to assist your journey of learning.

This online counselling course has helped me both personally and professionally immensely. In my personal life, it has allowed me to become more self-aware and empathetic to the struggles of those around me. It has trained my mind to view grief in an entirely new light. In my professional life, it has allowed me to connect with each individual that crosses my path. It has taught me that every person has a story to share.

My personal tutor was always available to me. There was never a time, that I felt I was burdensome to him. Not only that, my tutor was always uplifting and encouraging in my studies.

Without a doubt, I would absolutely recommend this online college to others. For the very fact that it is affordable, and you are able to work at your own pace. There was an absolute freedom in taking this course. I did not feel confined to schedules.

I would also recommend this course, because of the empathetic teaching styles of the tutors. It is so apparent they care for each student that crosses their path.

The content of this specific class was also a huge highlighting point of my learning journey. It covered a spectrum of valuable lessons, that I had no idea I could ever learn in my life. Not only did it focus on the primary topic of death, but it also focused on the many individual trials that are associated with life. This class makes a point of reaching out to an individual and their loss in such a personal and pure way.

The questions were sufficient in addressing everything I had hoped would be asked. I am incredibly impressed with the course I have been offered.

My expectations were surpassed on many occasions. I have been impressed with this online college since my first day of attendance. I have attended many college classes, and never have I experienced one as caring as this. It was such a relief to have knowledgeable and caring professors that were accessible, uplifting and kind.

I was also immensely impressed with the abundant amount of literature that was available. This course covered more material than I originally thought it would.

I currently work as a family counselor at a cemetery. My day to day job, is helping families prepare their loved ones funeral. It was my intention to find a way to connect better with my clients in their dire time of need. It has been my dream since I was a young child to be a therapist/counsellor.
My agenda in applying the knowledge I have gained in this course, was to become an official licensed counsellor that individuals could confide in and trust.

M.S. U.S.A.


After a lot of searching the web and praying I came across your website (by the grace of God) and found it to be a credible institution I also loved the course material and it ticked all my boxes. What stood out to me was the inclusion of play therapy techniques and the absence of New Age methods.

It definitely helped on both levels, on a personal level I grew in my understanding of myself and the children I will be serving. On a professional level I gained much needed confidence as well as assistance on how to run an ethical counselling practice.

My tutor was simply amazing!! He was always available and very quick to respond and reply even though I was on the other side of the world. The feedback he gave have been invaluable and extremely enlightening.

I would and have highly recommended this course and your institution. The fact that it is correspondence, assignment based and that the tutor is so available and quick to respond makes it the perfect choice. The course material was extremely good and well laid out.

The module on Attachment Theory surpassed my expectation. It changed the way I looked at kids completely and gave me an enormous understanding for the kids I am dealing with as well as some of the adults in my life. Also the module on Play Therapy opened a whole new world to me, I enjoyed this module tremendously!!

I am part of a non-profit organization called the Integrated Centre for Learning and this course was definitely needed to serve them and our community adequately.

This was a superb course that I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt an enormous amount from.

M.N. South Africa


I was searching for counselling online training and I saw your site. What made me like your site is the way it is simple and friendly and you have courses that are very relevant to what the society needs.

Taking this couse has opened my mind into different models and approaches for doing counselling, and also through the knowledge I am more confident in attending clients because I now know how to help them professionally.

My tutor was very prompt, and a very good guide.

Their course is relevant, the schedule is flexible, they are friendly both the tutor and director. You are all very warm.

I wanted to have a counselling certificate but I didn’t know that I could get it this quick. OCC is amazing.

U.E. Tanzania


In wanting a change of career and having an interest in helping people I began to search online for counselling courses. After spending some time looking at different options I followed my intuition and chose OCC. I was drawn to their website and the range of courses they offered and completed the “Couple and Family Counselling” course.

The course material was up to date and informative. Having the freedom to complete the modules and assignments during my own time was great. The course made me more mindful of the different types of “families” we have in today’s world and as some assignments were based on your own personal life it also allowed me to reflect and do some personal healing at the same time.

My tutor was always prompt with his response for each assignment. His feedback was sincere, positive and encouraging and this motivated me to do well.

My experience with OCC surpassed my expectations and I would recommend their courses with confidence.

N.D. New Zealand


I was looking for an online opportunity to further add to my post-secondary education and found exactly what I was looking for when I came upon the Online Counselling College website. Initially, I was unsure as to the quality of education that I would receive but the learning and support that I received from my tutor exceeded my expectations. He was easy to access, understanding and provided valuable feedback. The course has equipped me with a thorough foundational understanding of the topic studied.

S.S. Canada


I wanted to take a course that I could do on my own time, that was within my budget and that included sex and internet addiction within the course material.

Taking the course I realized that my existing knowledge of mental illness complimented and guided how I would work with people who have addictions. I wanted to apply this knowledge to the work I am currently doing with people I talk to who identify having a mental illness.

I liked the feedback written into the assignments and the quick response from the person marking the assignments.

I would highlight the ability to complete the course on your own time line, the textbook suggested as the main source of information, the suggestions for supplemental reading, and the positivity of the person grading the assignments.

I think that the course is on par for what I expected.

C.J. Canada


I have taken both the addictions counselling and trauma counselling certification courses at OCC. I took these courses to further my knowledge and obtain a solid foundation in counselling before I embark on a Master degree in Counselling.

OCC surpassed my expectations in every way. These courses provided the foundation I was looking for. The tutors were extremely encouraging with exceptionally timely feedback.

The material was current and relevant. These courses also enabled me to do some personal healing which was an entirely unexpected outcome.

I have no hesitation recommending the OCC to anyone presently in the counselling profession looking to broaden their knowledge; anyone wishing to enter to counselling profession; or to anyone who has experienced, or is seeking to understand, trauma or addiction in their personal lives.

P.B. Canada


While back home in Vermont (USA) on a sabbatical year from teaching at an International School in Rome, Italy, I began to search for classes online to enhance my professional qualifications. By chance, I discovered the “Online Counselling College”. As an elementary classroom teacher, I was very interested in the subject matter of the courses offered. Due to my frequent encounter with children who have special needs, I was especially interested in the course that would give me a certificate in, “Counseling Children and Youth”. In one of the modules, I noticed that ‘play’ and ‘art’ therapy were introduced as techniques to help children express themselves. This captured my attention. Also, their programme suited my schedule and the fees were very reasonable.

As effective interventions when “Counselling Children and Adolescents”, I did not only learn about ‘play’ and ‘art’ therapy. Through OCC, I was also introduced to many different therapeutic strategies such as bibliotherapy, music therapy, group and family therapy and REBT, (Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy).

Professionally and personally, I learned that when counselling young clients, the kind of relationship offered and provided for them is of utmost importance. OCC modeled this approach to counselling in their genuine, empathetic and respectful communications given to me throughout my six months with them. During my studies, my tutor exemplified this approach with her timely positive comments on each of my assignments which inspired me to always do more. Because of her, I became motivated to learn about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I have spoken very highly of OCC to my colleagues in Rome, where I continue to be employed. They are very impressed with the materials that I have shared with them including the FOCUS Workbook Series as instructive, stimulating and practical resources. As my sabbatical year has come to an end and I begin a new academic year, I look forward to applying the learned knowledge that I have acquired from the course that I successfully completed on “Counselling Children and Adolescents”.

Thank you, OCC, for this wonderful learning experience!
G.V. USA (A U.S. citizen from Vermont, living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy for the past 28 years)


I decided to take the course with the OCC because it appeared to be a reputable organization and had the best website (in terms of content and aesthetics) when I googled “online training in Grief and Loss”. Your website has beautiful peaceful visuals which remained in my mind.

Personally, I am now able to emotionally relocate from friends who died 3 years ago. Professionally, in my role of a counsellor, I can use what I have learned from this course to inform my practice to help support children and adults who are experiencing grief and loss. I feel more equipped when people come to me for support regarding this topic.

My tutor is very kind and comes across as genuinely interested in my life above and beyond this course. I felt connected with him from his first kind email correspondence with me. He created a warm, safe, genuine environment, whereby I felt comfortable to ask him anything related to the course, counselling or, life in general.

An excellent organization, which I highly recommend to do your online counselling studies with. The course content was extensive and appropriate and the assignments tested my knowledge, encouraged me to read further around this topic and reflect on my own experiences regarding grief and loss.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, particular the chapter on Suicide and Dementia.

L.Z. Malaysia


OCC offers an online course which is flexible and appropriate for professionals.
The course will give me the education to back up my professional experience and give me more credibility in the field. OCC is a great option for professionals who are looking for extra education. The courses are very flexible and well structured.

The tutor was friendly and responded quickly to any questions. Her feedback was useful and much appreciated.

The college was very professional and I truly appreciated how flexible everyone was.
V.L. Canada


I chose ‘Online Counselling College’ because they offer online training in a range of counselling topics, including specific areas such as Addiction Counselling. OCC’s slogan “helping you to help others more effectively” attracted me to take courses through OCC. I look forward to taking more courses through OCC, and would highly recommend OCC online training to others, because of the degree of excellence of the course material, assignments and direction given by my tutor !

The instructive, interesting and very practical course materials were presented with great references and further readings suggested. I feel the Addiction Counselling Course was an exceptional course and it has helped me develop my professional expertise. The assignments were pertinent to the material presented on the topic, and very appropriate.

My personal tutor, was wonderfully supportive, helpful, encouraging, professional and very efficient. The assignments I sent to him were always back to me with exceptionally good feedback, within hours, surpassing my expectations!

Thank you to my tutor and OCC!
D.S. Canada


In balancing a career and family the OCC provided me with the flexibility to learn at my own pace. The course is well structured and I very much appreciated how clear the learning objectives are with each module. The self-reflective exercises provided me with the opportunity to really understand how I would weave my new knowledge into my existing practice.

I very much appreciated the availability and quick responses from my tutor. Her feedback was always encouraging and often facilitated a valuable dialogue.

I would very much recommend this course for someone who wishes to learn at their own pace and be supported in their learning objectives.
S.T. Canada


I was searching for an online spirituality course that could enhance my knowledge and skills. Looked at website and information- liked the layout of the course and the ability to do it online in my own timelines. I liked the selection of topics and that the financial piece was affordable. Assignments were ones called for application to personal situations and how to use the information provided.

My tutor was very fast- provided immediate feedback within the day and provided thoughtful comments. The quick response from the tutor was a wonderful surprise

For the busy worker who needs professional development, an opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in counselling in specific areas, OCC makes this possible.

I enjoyed taking this course!
G.V. Canada

Well, I decided to go with OCC, because the material on the website was very informative and also wanted the flexibility of doing this on line in my spare time. This course has helped me in a personal and professional manner. I was able to dig deep inside my own personal grief. In addition my understanding and knowledge I acquired through this course is really the stepping stone to a greater understanding when working with clients.

What I liked about my tutor is that he was easy to get a hold of and provided good feedback almost immediately.

My experience taking this course with OCC, was really awesome! You can easily read through the material and then answer questions that corresponded to that specific Module. Material is provided for you with additional references should you need them.

I did not have an agenda when I started this course as to how I wanted to use this information, but now I do. I now have a greater understanding of what grief is and how I can help my future clients to cope with the symptoms of grief.
M.S. U.S.A.


Taking an online Counselling course allowed me to have the freedom to complete the assignments during my own time. The Online Counselling College gave me this great opportunity to explore a renewed area of interest through thoughtful and insightful modular assignments.

I appreciated my tutors’ immediate feedback on my assignments. I also enjoyed the fact that my tutor was aware of me as a person which allowed me to learn and explore my lessons with much ease.

My hopes in taking these courses would allow me to complete my Masters in Education and become a guidance counsellor.
L.S. Canada


I was looking online one day for grief counseling training. I had felt a need to start a support group at our church. OCC stood out to me because it could be done at my own pace and the materials seemed to cover all areas of loss and grief, not just death. It was also cost effective in my opinion.

I have my own life coaching practice and also work as a pastoral counselor at my church. The skills offered in the grief counseling course will help me as I move forward in my practice and as I set up a support group at my church.

The tutor was helpful in his comments and didn’t leave me waiting for a week to get back to me with pertinent feedback. He was easy to work with and encouraging.

I will keep my eye out for other courses that OCC might offer in the future and would certainly recommend OCC to others. I give my experience an A plus.

S.W. U.S.A.


When I was looking to deepen my knowledge in the counselling field, the thought crossed my mind that spiritual counselling would be the most beneficial in my area. As I searched the internet to find local courses offered, I was surprised by the absence of such courses. But there seemed to be a few offered either in larger cities or some on line. As I studied the online ones, and came to Online Counselling College’s website, there were two things that jumped out at me. Firstly, it was that they actually had a spiritual counselling course, by that name, and the testimonials were very uplifting and focused. There was absolutely no negativity at all!

After taking the course, I didn’t feel drained, but uplifted. Like I had been refreshed, not scrutinized and pressured. This course has helped me to personally develop a deeper understanding of others spiritual strengths and weaknesses. It broadened my vision to help me see the bigger picture that spiritual counselling encompasses.

The tutor I was assigned was an amazing gift in this course. She was patient, punctual, responsive, and encouraging. I can not say enough great things about her tutoring skills. Simply put…she was amazingly gifted at her job, which made mine so much easier!

I would recommend OCC to anyone who wants to take any kind of online training. The course material was succinct and clear. The course material was really well laid out and there wasn’t a lot of “filler”in it. It was concise, pertinent, and instructional!
This course, is without a doubt, the best financial investment I could have made . the return will be unending!

M.S. Canada


As an experienced counsellor and supervisor I was looking for an online course that would help to pull together all the knowledge I had gained over the years as well as educate with up-to-date information. I chose this course as it offered me all of these needs as well as covered areas I have not worked in, which is always a challenge.

I feel the knowledge gained by this course has enhanced my understanding as a counsellor and reminded me – more specifically around child development stages and what to expect from a child at each developmental level. As I work in counselling private practice with adults this course has helped my feel better informed as I work as a supervisor alongside supervisees who work specifically with children and youth and therefore enable them (the supervisees) to feel better held in this often very difficult area of counselling.

I have enjoyed working with the tutor and appreciated his positive feedback. It doesn’t matter how experienced one is, its still nerve wracking to wait for feedback from assignments! However, his responses were usually next day – which I feel is amazing considering the time gap between Canada and the UK. My initial concern was whether there would be differences between Canadian and UK teaching styles, or theories and ethics etc. I have found no difference at all – and with the wonder of technology the physical distance between student and tutor was never an issue.

I have already recommended this course to a supervisee who is also working through it and having a positive experience as well. I will certainly be looking at other courses that OCC have to offer in the future.



Since the death of my son, I’ve found that it is really hard to find support in our community. People don’t know how to handle ‘us’ and if they haven’t yet experienced the loss of a child, there was very little comfort in the things that were said. So, for the past year it’s been pressing on my heart that I would (rather should) start a support group in our local church for parents who lost children. Although we lost our son a couple of years ago to suicide and understood the emotions thereof, we met other people with different experiences. Parents of deceased babies, and a mother who’s son has been murdered. I wanted to know how to help these people and not say or do anything that would eventually create an obstacle in their road to recovery. After showing these parents that you can still experience a full and wonderful life ‘in spite of’ losing a child. That there is indeed life after death, and it isn’t only for the deceased but for the living as well. I’ve seen too many people dying while they are still breathing. It is just too sad to witness.

First I tried to find a course in my own country and in my first language. No success. If I want to do something similar, I need to be a registered psychologist, hospice- or social worker. So, after research, I came across OCC and was immediately interested. I didn’t want to change my career and do this full time (would need a licence for that, I’m sure), neither study for the next seven years at a university (I’m too old and stupid anyway).

I was a little scared because one hears about many scams over the internet and I had to dig a little to make sure that it was legitimate. The website is user friendly and there is such a variety of courses available. I filled in the order form one afternoon and received all learning material by the next day. Quick and easy! And even though I’ve never bought anything directly from overseas, the payment was done without hassles as well. Easy as 1-2-3.

This course taught me to be even more empathetic and gentle, more careful in what I say or do and to listen not only with my ears, but my heart as well. This course opened a whole new world for understanding divorce, loss of a job. The module about supporting children in their grief grabbed me around the heart since they are often overlooked. I truly felt that I learned so much! And knowledge is never wasted.

My tutor was always encouraging me with her kind words. Wish I could meet her in person – maybe some day… She truly felt like a friend/mother/mentor. She never had a negative word and she must be lying a little with all the wonderful stuff she said to me  Man, if we could have more people like her in the world, it would indeed be paradise.

Never knew learning could be so much fun! I’m a bit of a loner and never liked school with all the buzz… Studying on my own and in my own time was just a delight. The tasks were interesting and once I started, I could not stop, so the time frame in which you need to complete the modules are quite enough.

Just a huge, big ‘thank you’ for the opportunity!

M.P. South Africa


Counselling has always had an influence on not only mine but my immediate family’s lives’. Whenever there was something that needed attention in not only my family but other people’s families too, I always wanted to help and arm myself with the practical and theoretical knowledge to help people (families) through that era regardless the scale of the issue at hand. OCC stood out to me as I was referred to them from a close family member and assured they were the best of the best and as everything is through electronic correspondence, this fit perfectly into my already hectic lifestyle of a full time job and volunteer.

This particular course (family therapy) that I completed was life changing. The course not only gives you the necessary insight into what it will be like counselling people but also changes your approach to every issue that occurs and helps you personally deal with issues in a practical and positive way. Professionally it benefited me as I learn to not only hear people, but listen to them which means not only can I just hear the person speaking but I know understand and grasp the concept of what the person is going through.

My tutor, was absolutely terrific. Guiding, supportive and positively influential in making me not only want to but effectively put 100% into every assignment. Tutors like this are rare and I am glad I was able to connect with him on a level by which I felt I grew as a student with every assignment he coached me on.

In talking about OCC to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers, I could not have asked for more. The fees reasonable, the communication between tutors and students was efficient and effective along with the reading material which was beneficial and most informative.

One area in particular that exceeded my expectations was the guidance and support offered by OCC. Unlike most electronic correspondence colleges, OCC was always in communication with me and never made me feel obliged or rushed to hand in assignments to get the course over and done with. They were understanding in that everyone has their individual ways of learning and progressing through a course.

S.C. Canada


The design of the website and presentation of the courses on the website made the courses attractive but the quick response of the course co-ordinator topped the whole thing. I got a response back on the day that I registered and I actually got all my coursework documents on that same day. Wow!

Since I started this course on the 20th October 2014, I have been exposed to a lot of models that I never heard of and I have gained a lot from the course which has helped to increase my knowledge of the whole counselling theory. I have even started putting to use some of these models in counselling my clients. Personally, a lot of changes occurred in my life and I now view a lot of situation differently since learning from this course.

I love the fact that my tutor encourages me all the time and she gets back in real time, not minding her weekends. Sometimes, she sets aside some of her stuff to make sure she attends to me. She is also a friendly person, which has really helped despite the fact that we are yet to meet in person.

The director also responded on time, the tutor is one of the best lecturers I have ever dealt with and the course and assignments were first class materials.

The way and manner the course was presented even without a physical appearance, it made it so easy for me to understand and be able to comprehend without being in a class with people. The course tutorials also helped.

This whole experience has really done a great job of helping to increase my love for counselling. Thank you so much.

I.O. Canada


I was looking for addiction counselling online course delivered from Canada for a reasonable price. I found only two meeting those conditions. The OCC one was described on its website so clearly that I knew, there are honest people behind it. I could learn there exactly what the course contains and because it covered all main types of addiction, I thought it will give a pretty good base for further study and allow wide practical implementation.

The representative of agency, which sponsored my course, was really surprised with so attractive price of it thus they were willing to finance me other four OCC courses. It encouraged me to study more then I previously intended and now, after I finished my courses I’ve great satisfaction and feel well equipped for my current job search.

The courses inspired me. I found some personal areas that might be worth of exploring for my own life enhancement. Assignment feedbacks were never negative. There was no stress, commonly associated with schooling. Instead, I found a lot of encouragement and valuable guidance. My efforts were always appreciated. The tutor was very helpful, open and flexible. I could really experience that he cares a lot about his students. He was a great role model for an aspiring counsellor!

The courses material was very neatly organized, offered a lot of tools to use, personal exercises to experiment with and rich bibliography to dig into. I was always eager to read and learn more from the next module!

I am fully confident to recommend OCC courses!

V.H. Canada


I was looking for a course that could be done online and covered the various aspects of crisis counselling. The course was affordable and also allowed for a workbook option if I didn’t want to commit to taking a certificate course.

It has helped identify and the various aspects of working with crisis. The assignments were practical and made good use of the module material presented.
I work with children and often deal with various crisis situations. The course has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in the area of crisis counselling. It has provided useful strategies to attend to difficult situations. Professionally completing a certificate in this area promotes my competence as a counselor and is the type of professional development that enhances a counselor’s counselling skills.

My tutor was very prompt in his replies and assignment feedback. His comments were always constructive and positive.

My experience with OCC was very positive. I progressed at my own pace and managed the course content between my full-time work commitments.
I was able to complete the course within the allotted 6 months.

The course materials were self-explanatory and easy to follow.

S.S. Canada


I work full time so online counselling college allowed me to study at my own pace and I was giving all the help and support from my tutor. This course was the next step I needed to take to moving into another area of my current job. All the information is very helpful and detailed.

I would highly recommend and encourage anyone who is wanting to learn new skills or who is thinking of moving to a new career to sign up this is something I very proud of and so happy I done this course.

S.F. Australia


I was looking for a course that would mean a lot to me and that would help other people in the process.

This OCC college course was a lot more informational than I ever thought it could be.

I loved that it gave you the freedom to do it at your own pace and time frame.

The tutor I had was so very helpful and knowledgeable . I have learned a lot from this course and from my tutor, he was always there and got back to me when I needed something in a very reasonable time.

Now that I am done this course, I have a lot to think about, this field is really up my alley, I’ll have to take a couple more courses to narrow down which department I would like to do.

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about this line of work, very educational and informative.

L.V. Canada


Various factors made me decide to take a course with OCC. Throughout my life I have experienced various types of losses. I would purchase self help books and take from them what worked for me to enable myself to move forward through rough patches. I would also seek therapy/counselling and eagerly reached out for any further resources / tools to utilize knowing that I was doing the best to my ability to remain positive and not allow these losses from depleting my inner well being (or effect the well being of those close to me). I became intrigued by CBT (Cognitive Based Therapy) methods which enabled me to move forward with the ability to pull the positives from every negative situation.

I’ve always been told I have a “way” with words, using analogies to help people understand or view things from a different perspective, leaving them feeling enriched. Friends and colleagues have expressed gratitude for my inspirational talks as it enabled them to move forward making positive changes in their own lives. Many have said I should be a councillor. With that I went online one day and found the Grief and Loss Counselling Certificate with OCC and decided to take the course. Understanding that years of education are required to do what I am passionate about, and being 49, this course fit perfectly into my budget and time management restrictions.

This course has helped me personally as the biggest hit of loss I have ever experienced was the loss of my 24 year old son on January 31, 2010 – he had hurt his knee, was drinking beers with friends, and someone had given him a pain killer for his knee pain…. and my son passed out, all his friends just thought he passed out and covered him with a blanket when truly the pain killer hydromorphone mixed with the alcohol had suppressed his oxygen to his brain and he died. Now after surviving failed abusive marriage, damaging car accident, cancer, raising children as a single parent, 7 surgeries from various health ailments, living with permanent damages caused by the cancer treatments, and as of late diagnosed with hypothyroidism which was debilitating and effected my regular abilities I had always taken for granted (sleep/hair/taste/smell/concentration)… I about snapped internally, and after several sessions of all types of therapy, to be told I am doing the right things rather than receiving more tools and resources, I decided to take a course, to learn and to help myself onward, which this course has enlightened me and provided me a better understanding about loss, most of all not feeling so alone in it as everyone experiences it, just at different levels and for different reasons.

This course has helped me professionally as I work at a mental institute in Adult Psychiatry. I assist in running the unit and am not involved in patients direct care, however I have learned an abundance of information and every day is a learning experience for me.

I enjoyed working with my tutor as his feedback was very encouraging. I appreciated having selections to choose from when writing my final papers for each module. I willingly researched various areas and learned so much more as I found the readings from my research very interesting.

I have already recommended OCC to others that are interested in learning something we all face, and to learn it prior to experiencing it is a pro active measure to take as all of us in life deal with losses, but knowing how to manage and cope with loss is something our society ignores.

My expectations were surpassed. I learned to appreciate generic sense of varied losses mixed with societies expectations and cultural beliefs and values make a profound difference on how people experience loss and deal with it.

I will say a new “light” of question has been swirling through my mind since taking this course. One is that loss is something that we all face, and in today’s age, I do feel it should be incorporated in schools as important as English Math or any other course – as education means nothing to one if they can’t function due to not being aware on loss and the impacts of same it can have on people from all walks of life.

S.G. Canada


I started my position as Bereavement Coordinator for the volunteer hospice organization in my county in January of 2014. As part of the position, I agreed to take training courses to educate me in the etiquette of talking about death, loss, and grieving with bereaved clients of varied cultures. The original course that was offered to me was about 100 miles away from my home office and required an overnight stay to attend. I was not agreeable to that kind of travel and an overnight stay wasn’t feasible for me as I have another job that I had to be at during the week. One of the members of our organization suggested the online courses offered by OCC and, after reading the syllabus, I was very excited to get started with the course. It was convenient for me, the subjects covered were interesting, and I especially liked the coverage of varied types of losses.

This course has helped me to realize that loss is an integral part of life, a balancing of beginnings with endings. It was fascinating for me to research cultural models for funerals and burial rituals and contrast them to each other. That assignment opened my eyes to new practices that I want to adopt into my own personal practices.

The course has also been very useful in my work life because it’s helped me to be able to relate to people with some very complicated losses. I don’t know how I would have gained that type of knowledge without having to simply wade through the process and learn as I worked.

The course has helped me become comfortable with grief and pain, and not to shy away from people going through bereavement.

My tutor was very helpful. He was always quick to respond if I had a question, always had very positive, constructive comments, and I never felt that I couldn’t question something I didn’t understand. He gently guided me through the assignments and made a lasting impression on me as a highly qualified mentor.

If I were to recommend OCC to others — and I will – I think I would repeat what I’ve stated above and include the fact that I learned quite a bit about myself while taking this course. There are questions included in each lesson that direct your thoughts and allow you to question certain responses you have to things. More than once I would find myself thinking over a question about the course work and doing some soul searching to get to the truth.

Since I am new to this type of work, I don’t know what I could compare my experience to. I have taken other online courses in other subjects and I have to say this course was made so simple and un-technical that there was no way I could have had a problem accessing the syllabus, getting connected, or communicating with my tutor. It was stress-free and that allowed me to concentrate on the subjects and assignments.
Thank you for a great learning experience.

K.M. U.S.A.


Two main factors I took this course was my speciality in addiction and that it is an online course so it was convenient to my schedule. The fees were also reasonable.

I knew there were many ways to deal with other types of addiction but I was not aware of them other than the chemical.

My tutor was very informative and guided me greatly through my assignments. He clarified the points and added to my views a lot. He also was very prompt in assignment reply. Tutoring was very efficient and professional.

Course content was great and informative and concluded most aspects of addiction. Assignments were challenging and increased the scope of the module. Course material was to the point.

M.E. Canada


I live and work in a remote area in the Australian outback and rarely go to town. So being purely online without school attendance, work placements and workshops made this course very suitable for me.

Every module made me reflect on my own life and really made me think. It is easier for me now, after taking the course, to understand why people act the way they do when someone they love is gone. I’ve also done a lot of research locally in order to write my assignments and that left me with a great new network of people and organisations for the future.

The course overview was easy to understand and the “Time to reflect” parts are there to make the student think. Finishing the course left me with so much more knowledge than I was hoping for when I started. The course is affordable and the reading list was very interesting and up to date.

The feedback always felt genuine and motivating which made me put in even more effort in the next assignment. It felt like my tutor read everything I’ve written thoroughly. The feedback was always very prompt and personal. It felt like my tutor really cared and wasn’t just trying to make his statistic look good by giving me a pass on my assignments.

I have done 2 other courses in the last 3 years. One of the online, the other involved time in school and I was always happy when everything was over and done. This time I’m really sad. I had a good time working on the assignments and receiving the feedback.

M.F. Australia


I took this course to enhance my knowledge base to assist with clientele I already work with. It has definitely helped me grow personally by learning new tools to work with.

The syllabus is well done, material to study and assignments are thought provoking and challenging.

I was looking for a course that was on-line and convenient to work around my time schedule. The price was very reasonable.

Feedback was provided promptly and was always excellent. I learned a lot from my tutor, information was given positively and with enthusiasm.

OCC offers a range of different courses in counselling and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in expanding their skills for personal or professional reasons.

B.D. Canada


I was looking for an online course on counselling children and adolescents, and I came across the course offered by OCC. I liked the syllabus. The course covered most of the aspects of the age group I want to know about and work with. This is why I chose the course.

While writing the assignments, I had to read, I had to think, I had to plan, and I had to gear myself up. The whole process of working on assignments helped me to expand. It helped me to grow. It helped me to write. It helped me to see and understand how theories and concepts written in books come into play in real life. Apart from that, I could merge knowledge I gained in another course with this course and could see how we can make use of learning in one field in some other field. Besides all this, whenever I worked hard to complete an assignment and would get good reviews, I would feel really good about myself. That feeling helped me to see myself in a more positive way. It boosted my confidence.

My tutor would send feedbacks to my assignments pretty quickly. When I would go through his feedback I always got a sense that he has read my assignment thoroughly. Where ever required he would write the feedbacks. His suggestions always made me see how differently I could have worked. Apart from that, he always accepted the work I presented. Though it is written that assignment has to be of certain number of words, most of the time my assignment used to exceed the limit of words asked for. He never said you have to restrict your writing. Because of this, I could freely write. That freedom helped me to learn more.

OCC has a very good syllabus, nice tutor, great assignments that make you think and work really hard.

This is my first online course where assessment of learning is done by writing assignments. When I started the course I thought I would finish the all six assignments within a month. But as I started and worked on each module, I wanted to give time and work more. I don’t know from where this came but this desire helped me to grow.

B.S. India


To be honest, this was first a necessity in terms of work that required one of the personnel’s to have a certificate to facilitate and render the help needed for families who required the services, but when I was able to dive in to the course I was glad that I volunteered for the program. It was always my desire to be able to help someone who is in need, especially if it’s a loss of a loved one. I too would want the care if I was ever in that situation.

It actually helped me both personally and professionally. This course allowed me to realize the reality that though this may be a course for professional reasons, it also serves to be a guidance for anyone who would like to help those who are in need. It teaches you how to correctly approach the situation and it teaches you the RIGHT way of helping the individual.

I truly liked the fact that my tutor was always available, prompt in my concerns, and straight to the point  I enjoyed the evaluation and the responses he had in each of my assignments and I just enjoyed working with him pretty much in everything 

I would describe OCC to be knowledgeable in what it proclaims to teach and the people are friendly and approachable. If one would desire to learn about the area of counselling I would say that OCC would be able to provide that very knowledge and guidance.

Actually to be quite frank, I didn’t expect much considering that its an online course and I thought to myself that I wont be able to indulge myself the way I would have wanted to, but as soon as I was able to study the materials provided, regardless if it was self-study, it was not hard at all to embrace the information and the contents that the materials contained. And being able to communicate with my instructor really helped out and actually added more to me being able to enjoy the course. So I would say that the whole course itself pretty much surpassed whatever expectation I might have had. 

I would like to say, just based on my experience with my instructor that I’m saying this, that I truly believe OCC consists of people who are very much knowledgeable and friendly and are really willing to help those who would want to indulge themselves in learning to become a counsellor. And so I very much enjoyed this course as well as what it had to offer. I would definitely recommend to anyone who would want to take up this course 

J.F. U.S.A


I liked the fact that the course was online and you did not have to go to class. As a mother, this was useful. The price was also reasonable.

Professionally, I would like to open my own private practice and needed a few courses to do this. Personally, I learned a lot about the way human beings process various emotions.

The tutor was really knowledgeable. He was kind and always available for questions.

OCC offers concise and interesting courses and is great way to add on to your existing credentials.

M.P. Canada


The main factors that attracted me to OCC were quality, the help of a personal tutor and convenience. My daughter in US searched the net and recommended OCC. Later on the excellent study material that was sent to me and the prompt responses with helpful comments convinced me that the course was well designed. Lastly as I was unable to leave my home in U.A.E. the convenience of doing the course from home was extremely useful to me.

I always had a deep interest in this subject and have read through study materials in the past. I feel empowered for the first time and it is a great feeling. Professionally too I have learnt how to research topics of interest, gain a deeper understanding of them so that I can develop myself further in these areas in future.

From my tutor I received encouraging and useful comments prompt feedback and kind and professional approach. It is a very organized and good institute, excellent study material and very helpful and knowledgeable tutors.

R.T. U.A.E


I was looking for an online course in addiction counselling, and your web site was one that stood out. I found your web site to be very informative.

This course has helped me both professionally and personally. I had been at the local Salvation Army drop in when one of the clients asked me if I was a counsellor. She then informed me that I looked like a counsellor. I have always had people that I knew to see them start telling me their problems, like how they were sexually abused as children or how they were struggling with addiction issues. I have my diploma for Social Service worker and was looking for ways to advance my education. This course has allowed me to realize that I have my own issues to deal with from childhood.

I found this course to be a good way for someone who is interested in addiction counselling to “get their feet wet”. It is a good way to gain a basic understanding in the counselling field and help point them in the right direction. This course would help someone decide if they really want to get into this line of work without going to school, spending lots of money and then finding out that they don’t want to get into this line of work. I am an older student (50+) and have changed careers. I am a Red Seal Journeyman Millwright and have worked in the helping field for about ten years.

I found this course to be very easy to complete. It may be because I finished my Social Service worker diploma in 2013, and found that the material expanded on some of the required courses that I took.

I found that my tutor was very fast at returning the marked assignments and he gave good constructive feedback.

E.H. Canada


With a background in two helping professions, general duty staff nurse and elementary school teacher, I have always enjoyed offering someone support, permitting them to accomplish tasks more easily.

Now that life has brought me to the point of being a bereaved parent, I am still looking to help others like myself. Being founder of a grief education and support and aftercare group for bereaved parents, Wounded Healers, I quickly became aware ‘that listening was not enough’. I needed more tools to work with. I began perusing online sites and my attention was drawn to yours by this very wording in your abstract: it immediately resonated with me. The more I read, I discovered: I could choose my study time, progress at my own pace, and the cost was very reasonable.

And learn I did! The three stages of the Skilled Helper Model dealing with exploration of problem identification, different perspectives and possible action plans should find its way into every Helper’s toolbox, since it is effectively a GPS for the Helper and the Help Seeker. Thanks to this effective model, I can now better organize problem solving in both my personal and professional life.

I was very proud to have the tutor assigned to me. He created an enthusiasm for learning and an appreciation for growing. For this I will always be grateful.

The format of this course, sensibly outlined in the six detailed learning modules, fit in with this teacher’s training in programming. I would recommend the Certificate in Counselling Skills to anyone interested in becoming more aware of how to be totally present when listening, with intention, to fully guide a client with compassion, towards practical solution choices.

L.H-R Canada


Having received my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from McGill University that majored in psychology and education, along with ICF approved Coaching Certification. I was searching for an online program of academic excellence, and counselling skills and strategies that were student centered and conducive to learning. The OCC program encompassed all which made your program stand out from the rest.

The course has equipped me with a new set of tools and strategies that I intend to apply in Crisis Counselling. I also feel more confident and prepared because of the teaching, feedback and the learning that I accomplish in this course.

My tutor was very accessible and gives me constructive feedback, which was very instrumental towards my learning. My tutor surpassed my expectations. Although we only communicated through email his attention, prompt responses and dedication clearly supported my success and for this I am very grateful.

I would highly recommend OCC because my experience with my tutor was invaluable. The course material mirrored what was being taught and the resources were very useful, an added bonus.

E.S. Canada


I google searched grief counselling certifications on-line and discovered OCC. The course syllabus seemed interesting and the price was accessible for me. It compared very well to other offerings.

It has helped me professionally to become familiar with grief counselling skills, the various grief models including the Worden task model and other models, learning about grieving in children and adolescents, how to identify complicated grieving, etc.

My tutor could not have been kinder, more supportive and helpful.

While I could probably have read the course material and learned about it on my own, the thought-provoking questions included with the material helped me to expand my awareness and do some conceptual thinking. What I found outstanding were the module assignments which got me back into a student-research mode which I have been out of for some time. Besides doing research for the assignments, they encouraged me to stretch into personal areas and become conscious of both strong points and the weak points that could emerge to hinder counselling in specific cases.

A.V. Spain


I am an accredited counsellor, I had not done any formal training in group-work. The course syllabus immediately appealed and I could envisage its practical application. It also seemed extremely good value for money, and the flexibility suited me.

The group-work course has been terrific in giving me a solid foundation in understanding the factors involved in setting up a group, the stages of groups, effective endings, and also several different approaches. I would now go about setting up another group with much more understanding and confidence, Every unit was practical and useful.

I was very pleasantly surprised at what a wide knowledge base I had acquired from doing just a certificate course. I thought the content was really well thought through and put together. I really liked the varied approach to the assignments, including creative arts, case studies, designing an advertisement etc. Each assignment used different ways of learning which also reflected different ways people learn in groups. It also kept the course lively and fresh.

S.G. England


I was searching for an online course in trauma and grief counseling and I happened upon the OCC. I decided to take the Grief and loss counseling course and its been one of my best decisions ever. The pricing was also a plus.

Working with veterans for a bit inspired within me a need to be more involved on a personal level and taking this course has been a step in the right direction.

The tutor has been helpful, very supportive and encouraging and
responds promptly. His feedback has been most thought provoking.

I would definitely recommend OCC to anyone interested in learning counseling because apart from the course content which was very apt you can’t put a price on the warmth that carries across.

V.F. Nigeria.


I was searching to find a course on Marriage Counseling on the internet after perusing quite a lot of the online courses; I found this particular one and felt strongly that this is what I needed.

Since I work, I committed myself to the hours requested to be able to complete the course.

My tutor is a very committed to encouraging, prompt, loving and very knowledgeable in helping me to work on my assignments. He is very accurate in giving me ideas needed for moving forward in my counseling.

OCC is a good place to work from. The course contents are very clear and helpful, straight to the point. I have learned to listen more to clients, taking self out of the way, and being a good support in this field.

G. M-R. U.S.A


I found my experience with OCC to be excellent, worthwhile and above my expectations. I chose OCC because of the wide range of courses, comprehensive course content and affordability.

Once I began my course, I found that the lessons were very in-depth and offered many realistic examples, both which stimulated my attention and learning. The reflection activities and lesson assignments ensured that I was on the right track with the course.

I felt that working with a tutor was very helpful and made learning that much more enjoyable. The tutor answered my questions thoroughly and in a very timely fashion. I found his feedback on my assignments to be helpful as well, and insightful.

I would definitely recommend OCC to anyone interested in the different subjects of counselling, no matter if the interest is for personal or professional reasons. I am looking forward to beginning my next OCC course.

M.K. Canada


What a privilege to have had the opportunity to study through OCC. I continue to feel daily gratitude for discovering the OCC website which motivated me to further explore the courses on offer. The website is exceptionally informative, immediately providing a sense of professionalism.

The courses are affordable and being online makes them extremely flexible and portable. As the alarming consequences from addictions continue to grow world-wide (and in particular my country), my long-term goal and passion has been to open and operate a Rehabilitation Centre. I have completed the Addictions Counselling course which has further inspired me to pursue my objective, as well as continue to study the many courses available with OCC.

My tutor provided me prompt feedback and excellent guidance which was always positive and most valuable to broaden my skills for the relevant counselling situation. The course content and subsequent assignments are both stimulating and self-reflecting – a truly rewarding experience!

T.D. South Africa


I was looking for an online course in counseling that is acknowledged and provides a certificate. OCC stood out because there were many options of different courses and the specific one I was searching for was available Couples and Family Counselling

I really enjoyed all the material that was provided, it added new information to what I learned in university as well as refreshed my memory on subjects I have already studied.

My tutor was amazing; he gave me amazing feedback, always supportive and encouraging of my work. He made doing the assignments exciting for me because I always looked forward to hearing his response. He always replied back quickly to my e-mails and was very helpful with any questions I had.

My experience over all was excellent, I would highly recommend OCC to others, there is no pressure on when readings/assignments have to be completed.

The reviews I read online were all reliable on how amazing the program was and how the tutors were excellent and easy to communicate with. I signed up with high expectations and I was not disappointed.

I enjoyed every aspect of this course and I would definitely consider signing up for a different course.

N.A-G. U.S.A.


The biggest factor that made me interested in taking their courses was the course outlines. All the programs looked very comprehensive and they all appeared to be up to date in terms of the content and best practice.

The courses helped me both personally and professionally by providing me with so much more information to take into consideration when encountering a client or situation in my personal life.

I liked the helpful feedback, the quick response time and the rapport that was established. I’ve taken online courses where I wasn’t able to establish any kind of working relationship with the instructor beyond getting my marked assignments back, so it was nice to work with someone who was actually interested in who I was and why I was taking their course.

OCC provides very good information in their courses, the tutor appears to be invested in how things are going for you and the assignments are relevant to the work that we do in that they force you think about how you could apply the information to a realistic situation that you could encounter as a counsellor.

The assignments definitely surpassed my expectations–most assignments that I’ve done for online courses ask you to regurgitate the information they provided, but these courses made me turn the information around so that I was applying it specifically to counselling. And the friendliness of my tutor surpassed my expectations as well.

I would definitely recommend the OCC courses to anyone who was looking for some post-graduate certification or just for some general helpful information.

G.R. Canada


Thank you so much for such an inspiring and well-delivered course. I learned a great deal about different considerations prevalent in supporting youth and about my own strengths and weaknesses as a counsellor. I know that any encounters I have with future students will show what I have taken from the course as well as from your feedback and insight and they will have you to thank for helping make me a better counsellor. And, truthfully, I think I’m going to be a better parent now as well. I feel more confident about my role as a support person for my students and for my children and if even one more child gets the appropriate care because I knew how to help them then there is nothing more I could ask for.

V.RZ. Canada


The course gave me the needed certificate and quite some good ideas on how to go about counselling young people.

The tutor always answered promptly and was very motivating and positive about my tries.

E.L. Germany


I found the course to be highly interesting. The program is designed in a way that allows for dynamic student learning. I found the lesson plans insightful and well laid out; for instance, the lesson plans very aptly coincided with the readings and were user-friendly. Knowledge that I gained from the various exercises and readings is readily applicable to real-life situations. Coordinators and professionals from the college were always available to address any inquiries I had about the program itself and the individual lessons. I particularly liked that the course is designed to not only view counseling as something applicable in a professional capacity; but on a personal level as well. I find myself regularly seeing opportunities to apply my learning about the role of a “helper” in my personal and professional arenas. Whether in my role as a parent, spouse, friend, daughter, mediator , facilitator or university instructor, helper and counseling role skills I gleaned from the course are highly advantageous and useful to have.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend the Online Counseling College program. The course is well set-up and is brought forth in a very professional manner.

J.E. Canada


The main three factors that appealed to me when I first came across OCC was firstly the service of the course being conducted online. This enabled me to continue working part time and attend to my usual lifestyle schedule. In addition to this it also gave me great flexibility to study at my own pace that kept stress to a minimum. The next factor was the detailed syllabus of what the course involved. It was straightforward and included all relevant information regarding the topic, which was very important so I did not feel I would be learning any irrelevant information, or something that I felt would not be of benefit for me. Last but not least there were many great reviews from past students who had recommended the OCC and had expressed high standards and satisfaction with the service they received.

My tutor was very attentive to all my needs. All my questions and assignments were answered quickly via email, which enabled me to get the most out of my course without feeling I was doing it alone. Also, with the frequent communication I received constant support and motivation from my tutor over the period of studying this course.

I would highly recommend the OCC for both those seeking to learn for professional purposes as well as general interest or personal development. My tutor welcomed and introduced the course to me along with all the information required to successfully complete the assignments. All information presented was easy to understand and there were also additional readings listed if you would like to read more about a certain topic being discussed.

I very much enjoyed learning through the OCC, it has been a great addition to my learning as a counselor involving a simple to follow structure incorporating interesting topics and discussions to provide great benefit and counseling techniques to all students.

A.F. Australia


The certificate in counselling skills has given me a much deeper understanding of the frame work used to successfully help people. Personally, it has taught me a greater depth of people’s ways of feeling and responding to life’s difficulties.

I liked working with my tutor, she was very encouraging and supportive.

F.L. Scotland


I chose your course because it provided a flexible time frame to
complete the course and the opportunity for feedback. The tutor’s feedback demonstrated that he actually read my response and always had helpful feedback. The Crisis Counselling course clarified the similarities and essential differences between working in clients in a crisis counselling and long term therapy settings. The assignments highlighted positive impact the counsellors have played in my own life.

L.R. Germany


Personally, the Counselling Skills course has helped me relate better to some friends of mine who are going through difficulties–instead of just offering advice all the time (which was sometimes even unwanted) it helped me to have more helpful and productive conversations with them. Online Counselling courses are a great way to improve your people skills even if you are not thinking of going into professional counselling. The assignments are thought provoking without being too difficult.

The tutor was clear, helpful, encouraging and prompt with the feedback.

P.C. Canada


I have long wanted to pursue a career in the helping professions and I am presently working as a Representative for a financial services company. Financial difficulties can lead to problems with relationships, stress, etc. so the course will help me to help people by offering my company’s services and products in a way that a counsellor would work with them.

The course notes were superb.

P.K. Canada