Certificate in Counselling Theory

This informative, relevant and stimulating course will introduce the student to the key theoretical counselling approaches in the field of counselling. It provides an overview for each school of thought – including basic concepts, techniques and skills – and helps you to apply them in your work with clients. 

Specifically, this course will introduce the student to: the psychodynamic approach; the behavioural approach; the humanistic approach; the cognitive-behavioural approach; the solution-focused approach; the narrative approach; the feminist approach; and the multicultural approach.The college teaches and uses Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model.

There is no prior knowledge or experience required to embark on this rewarding certificate course. You are free to commence at a time that suits your schedule – and then continue at your pace for a period of six months. Full tutor support is provided for this course.

Click here for Counselling Theory Syllabus

Suggested textbook for the course (to be purchased by the student)

Corey, G. (2016). Theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy (10th Ed.). Nelson Thomson Learning: Scarborough, ON.

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a certificate will be mailed out to you.