Certificate in Stress Management

The aim of this course is to help practitioners to better understand how stress impacts individuals and to teach techniques and strategies for managing their stress. This includes cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, conflict resolutions skills and the need to practise regular self care.

There is no prior knowledge or experience required to embark on this rewarding certificate course. You are free to commence at a time that suits your schedule – and continue at your pace for a period of six months. Full tutor support is provided for this course.
Note: The Online Counselling College uses a person-centred approach, and emphasises Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model.

Click here for The Certificate in Stress Management Syllabus

Suggested textbook for the course (to be purchased by the student)

Folkman, S. (2010). The Oxford handbook of stress, health, and coping. Oxford University: Oxford.

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a certificate will be mailed out to you.