Certificate in Crisis Counselling

This practical, informative and stimulating course is designed to introduce the student to essential crisis counselling skills. It will help you better understand the nature of a crisis, the types of reactions and responses that are normal, and how to intervene – using crisis counselling skills – in a way that is helpful and supportive for the client. 

Specifically, this course is designed to develop a deeper understanding of the following key areas: a crisis in the family, a crisis in a marriage, the crisis of addiction, and the crisis of suicide. There is also a clear focus on developing skills that will effectively assist and support the client in an ethical, professional way. The college teaches and uses Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model.

There is no prior knowledge or experience required to embark on this rewarding certificate course. You are free to commence at a time that suits your schedule – and then continue at your pace for a period of six months. Full tutor support is provided for this course.

Click here for Crisis Counselling Syllabus

Suggested textbook for the course (to be purchased by the student)

Kolski, T.D., Jongsma, A.E., & Myer, R.A. (2014). The crisis counseling and traumatic events treatment planner, with DSM-5 updates (2nd Ed.). Wiley: New York, NY.

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a certificate will be mailed out to you.