Diploma in Addictions Counselling

This practical, informative diploma course is designed to enhance the student’s understanding of addictions, and recovery from addictions. It will give you crucial insights and teach you techniques to help your clients break the addictive cycle, and avoid the danger of relapse.
Specifically, this course will address the following: Introduction to addictions; a drug or alcohol addiction; a gambling addiction; eating addictions; compulsive spending; sexual addiction; internet and gaming addictions; understanding how addictions develop; breaking free from an addiction; staying addiction free; co-occurring disorders; addictions and the family; treating addictions.

There is no prior knowledge or experience required to embark on this diploma course. You are free to commence at a time that suits your schedule – and then continue at your pace for a period of 12 months. Full tutor support is provided for this course.

Click here for Diploma in Addictions Counselling Syllabus

Suggested textbooks for the course (to be purchased by the student)

Part 1: Coombs, R.H., & Howatt, W.A. (2005). The addiction counselor’s desk reference. London: John Wiley & Sons

Part 2: Perkinson, R.R., Jongsma Jr, M.E., & Bruce, T.J. (2014). The addiction treatment planner: Includes DSM-5 Updates 5th Edition. London: John Wiley & Sons.

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a diploma will be mailed out to you.