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Welcome to the Online Counselling College, a thriving international distance learning centre, based in Alberta, Canada.

We are a certified Educational Institution approved by the Minister of Employment and Social Development in Canada.

The Online Counselling College offers opportunities for professional development and personal growth. All our courses are available to first time students as well as to experienced practitioners.

As a college, we exist to help you meet your personal goals, so you can better serve the clients you encounter through your work. We developed in response to what appeared to be a need among professionals and practitioners in the human services. Hence, we offer students training in a range of counselling fields, with an emphasis on more specific, specialist areas. These are relevant for counsellors, educators, hospice staff, chaplains, social workers, nurses, those who work with the bereaved, coaches, mentors, youth group leaders, therapists, psychologists, those who work in the addictions, or in crisis counselling.

Note: We regularly have organizations enrolling groups of counsellors, employees and volunteers with us.

All our work is firmly based on well-respected research findings, and is stimulating, helpful, challenging and practical. In addition, you can study in a way that suits you best, with your own experienced tutor who will guide you through the course.

Our student body includes people from all around the world, including: Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Honduras, Bermuda, Costa Rica, West Indies, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Japan, Philippines, Mauritius, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Guyana, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzania, South Africa and Swaziland.

The Online Counselling College uses a Rogerian person-centred approach, and Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model. We offer a wide range of certificate and diploma courses.

Certificate Courses Offered
Addictions Counselling
Advanced Addictions Counselling **new course**
Advanced Life Skills
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Counselling Children and Youth
Counselling Skills
Counselling Theory
Couple Counselling
Crisis Counselling
Depression Counselling
Elder Care
Family Counselling
Grief and Loss Counselling
Group Work
Introduction to Psychology
Psychological Disorders
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Spiritual Care
Stress Management
Trauma Counselling
Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children
Working With Young People

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a certificate will be mailed out to you.

Diploma Courses Offered
Addictions Counselling
Counselling Skills
Couple & Family Counselling
Crisis & Trauma Counselling
Depression Counselling

Upon a satisfactory completion of a course a diploma will be mailed out to you.

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Focus Workbook Series
The FOCUS Workbook Series provides additional resources on issues that are common in the field of counselling. These provide essential content and reflective exercises to enhance your understanding of these crucial areas. They are useful for those who require more information but who’d rather not enrol on a certificate course. In addition, they can act as a template for designing training courses or they can function as a framework for running self help groups. Each FOCUS series consists of six workbooks.

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